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Cassandra ScalziCassandra Scalzi is no stranger to examining all that Aristotelian life can offer. To date she has qualified as a legal practitioner, curator, arts columnist, arts educator, creative facilitator, visual artist, mother, wife, model and actor. Her storytelling in all mediums has always been eccentric and exhibitionistic at heart, she often seeks the world around her as endless, day-to-day sources of inspiration, humour and imagination: people, fashion, art, beauty, nature, photography and, of course the unusual.

Based in Adelaide, Cassandra has had the privilege of working as a stylist and creative director on fashion shoots, patriotically drawing upon her surroundings and signature compulsion of colour, fusing art with fashion in an edgy, natural and transformative style. Her knowledge and respect for languages, literature and the great Masters of art exceeds commendation. From expert interpretation and translation, to performing her own stunts such as climbing trees in a tutu and bonding with a cow named Gus in a manger, she does all in the name of communication, self-expression and craft. Indeed, she fits the trope: appearances can be deceiving.

Cassandra prefers to be immersed within the richness and ethnic diversity of fashion, film and non-mainstream television. In addition, she derives satisfaction from showcasing, supporting and providing a platform for other talented artists’ work and collaborating with women and like-minded professionals.

A unique, charismatic and enormously intelligent – to the surprise of the many unsuspecting – artist with more of an open mind than most people and Parisian sensibilities, Cassandra has also begun to explore writing and acting and is a gifted comic with a distinct ‘zany’ and prankish persona. Self-reflexively drawing upon social commentary and indelible childhood memory through formative, sometimes affectingly ironic observations of human compassion and intolerance in equal measure, she is the modern and independent feminist with an exciting twist! Think Lucille Ball VS Mary Coustas with ‘sit-down’ comedy and a peculiar daredevil streak!

Cassandra is also a reptile enthusiast with a pet blue tongue named Mr T (Rex) and a recent hand-rearing kitten rescuer.

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