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Daryl Morante HSHailing from the Philippines, Daryl Morante was raised in a culture where Filipino dance was not only an acceptable and rewarded form of grace, precision, tempo and passion, it was also a commodity: a passageway to the world where celebrity, fashion, luxury and fame beckoned a natural-born entertainer.

Daryl (also known as D.Mo) has more than 10 years of choreography experience, starting with hip-hop in 2005. While he taught and learnt at the most prestigious schools in LA, Brisbane and Sydney where he now resides, he is more reputed for his natural groove in hip-hop, due to picking up the moves from many 90’s music videos. He also received technical training in jazz, ballet and contemporary at Mad Dance House for two years.

He has choreographed for countless music videos, local concerts, fashion shows, festivals, cultural, ceremonial and political events, corporate gigs and, of course the demanding and all-encompassing world tours. He recently flew to Thailand to perform at a birthday, truly establishing him as an international dancer.

Daryl has kept up the pace with esteemed pop stars, actors, musicians and hip-hop dance crews like Mimi Choo, Robbie Antonio, Jabbawockeez and Cat Thompson, worldwide. One of his greatest achievements was performing at Jason DeRulo’s concert in 2011. Daryl was the movement coach and choreographer for X-Factor’s boy band “The Collective” and returned to choreography for “So You Think You Can Dance Australia” (2014). Currently he is in one of Australia’s best Bollywood dance companies called Sirens Dance.

He has been training in African/Jamaican style dancehall, adding to his enormous versatility and commercial viability as a dancer. He has an almost preternatural ability to infuse any of these styles as if they are a wide brushstroke on a broader canvas: a precise masterpiece.

Since 2012 he has applied some of these same colourful, showy and breezy gestures into modeling, runway shows and professional photography. He is the face of new label “Roger Tait Man Summer Collection” in 2014 and opened the hair show at “Redken’s Next Generation Show” at the Hair Expo in 2013. He has a desire to explore and extend his skill-set into fitness modelling.

Daryl heightens his brooding, thick and standout features so that each print, pose and tic convey not only to tell a story beyond the naked eye, but also deceptively something close to transcendental art. Whether it is letting his pastel pants and cerulean blue jacket speak for themselves in a fallen Autumn forest setting, or going slightly retro with some youthful punk on a catwalk, Daryl certainly makes you wish you were right up with him, wondering, capturing, encapsulating the meaning of the moment: ‘What is he thinking?’

In the future – whether he has heat under his heels or not – fear Daryl’s oeuvre.

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