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Aaron Sweeten


Aaron Sweeten is a developing artist who has joined ICACM to inform and crystallise his overarching career objective, which is to act in and direct performance-based work. As a Bachelor of Performance graduate from AIM Dramatic Arts (DA), he has marshaled problem-solving ability, task-driven initiative and a straightforward understanding of an effective ensemble environment during his course. It has instilled into him invaluable experience, rigour and concentration across key areas of theatre making and acting.

While he is careful and studious about the direction of his career, Aaron relishes spontaneity in the roles that he chooses, being able to switch between personalities on the turn of a dime and striking a precise tone for each occasion. From aggressively flamboyant and assertive in “Chekhov in Hell” (2013) to amusingly pastyfaced, stern and alert in “The Great” (2013) as well as immoral, hypocritical and corrosively corrupt in the American townsfolk tale “The Rimers of Eldritch” (2012), he is quite the chameleon. Although Aaron is a perfectionist and doesn’t reveal his secrets easily, he demands nothing less than his work, preferring to let the emotional gravitas and social relevance of his presence, climate and story commentate for itself.

While working on "Physical Stages" in 2012, he learned to work as an ensemble member to devise a story through movement thus making it a movement-based piece. He carried his team-building skills throughout the course. This came in handy during the New Short Works play "The Three Trials of Azdak" (2013) where he had to work in a group to retell the story of the Caucasian Chalk Circle as a contemporary and short piece.

With more than a passing interest in behind-the-scenes and some wizardry in sound editing and composition, he believes that greater control yields more creative results. Aaron also has found a similar serenity in professional teamwork with a trickle-down effect, wanting to dispute the fact that too many cooks don’t necessarily spoil the production as long they listen to the director and his one thematic idea that unifies cast and crew alike – powerfully, timelessly and sensitively tying the narrative together.

Adrian Barilà

AdrianBarila HS2022

LBGTQIA+Born in rural NSW, Adrian Barilà left his parents’ thriving vineyard to pursue his performing arts career. 

He’s since had the pleasure of working with Melbourne’s acclaimed Sondheim repertoire company, Watch This, for their seasons of “Merrily We Roll Along” (Scotty) and “A Little Night Music” (Frid/Mr. Erlanson). TV credits include; “Please Like Me” (ABC) and “Dr. Blake Mysteries” (ABC).

Adrian’s self-devised cabaret, “I’ll Have What He’s Having – A Love Affair with Food” recently featured at Midsumma Festival 2019 after successful seasons playing in Ballarat and Melbourne.

A 2015 graduate of Federation University’s Arts Academy, Adrian covered every show’s leading roles; “Urinetown” (Bobby Strong), “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (Jimmy Smith), “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” (Neville Landless).

Aeriel Reonal


Ariel Reonal started singing at the age of seven. Without proper training, he performed from elementary years in school programs and joining competitions all the way to college. He pursued this passion after graduating as a scholar with a major in TV Broadcast and Radio Communications. Although his mom didn’t initially approve of his chosen career, he went full-time anyway doing mainly theater productions, corporate shows, teaching in musical theater workshops, one-time chance designing the set for the local production of Florence Foster Jenkins’ play “Glorious!”, and occasionally appearing in television series and advertisements.

Training eventually happened through years of experience with reputable local theater companies. Ariel also attended theater dance classes at the Broadway Dance Center New York and Dance Attic London as well as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) Master Class in Manila under acting coach and author of “In-Depth Acting” Dee Cannon.

After a nine-year absence in the Philippines performing various roles such as Quasimodo in Hong Kong Disneyland, and playing Assistant Commissar in the West End Revival of “Miss Saigon”, Ariel returned to his native land in 2016, bagging featured roles in major musical productions and earned him the 2016 Gawad Buhay Outstanding Male Featured Performance in a Musical for “Tick, Tick… Boom!”

Ariel wishes to further his career internationally, and eventually share his knowledge to future artists in his home country.

Aicelle Santos


Aicelle Santos is a Filipino recording and concert artist, music producer, television and theatrical actress. She first emerged in the Philippine music scene as a contestant in a nationwide search for the next best singer during the first season of ABS-CBN's “Star in a Million”.

Aicelle has been known as the First Undefeated Pinoy Pop Superstar when she achieved eight straight wins in GMA Network's “Pinoy Pop Superstar”. She also earned the following monikers, Rock and Soul Diva, Traffic Diva and Asia’s Soul Flair Songstress.

International recognitions include Best Country Song in the Astana Music Festival (2006) and Silver in the Asean+3 Song Contest (2019). Locally, Aicelle garnered Guillermo Mendoza and Awit Awards for her music recording "Make Me Believe" (2007-2008). Her last music recording was “Liwanang” (2016) and concerts for Class A (2015) and Awit Na Aicelle (2017) respectively. She was also part of the movie musical “Ang Larawan (The Portrait)” for which it garnered Manila Film Festival’s Best Picture.

Aimee Butler


Aimee Butler is an Australian Registered Nurse, having obtained a Bachelor of Nursing (UTAS) in 2019. Prior to the fact, she modelled professionally for more than a decade, whilst also gaining professional acting credits. She has also sung for the concert, on stage and on National Irish Television (RTÉ). ‘Take, for instance Aimee Butler...with a spectacular singing voice...’ exudes Sonya Perkins, The World of Hibernia. 

Aimee is an Irish-Australian Rose of Tralee who was adopted, with a heritage that also comes from Asia (Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines) and Finland respectively.

Website: https://aimeebutler.carbonmade.com/

Ajeng Sharfina Adiwidya


Ajeng Sharfina Adiwidya was always been intrigued by the works she had seen on stage and screen, many of which provided a great source of inspiration for her. Being exposed to classic musicals and works of Shakespeare at a young age, she was hooked onto its charms and so regularly showed off her language and acting chops in school settings. At 16, she made her stage debut at a musical revue called “Broadway ke Java,” which kick-started her journey into performing.

In 2014, Ajeng and a group of fellow enthusiasts founded the first English-speaking, musical theatre community in Jakarta, Jakarta Performing Arts Community. The community quickly became a learning platform for people of all ages and backgrounds who share an undying passion in musical theatre. She has been involved in many of its productions, as a performer and production team alike. She has directed numbers from musicals such as “In The Heights” and “The Little Mermaid” in its biennial revues, and took the center stage as Maria in their production “West Side Story.”

Ajeng took part in the Broadway program at YES Academy ASEAN 2016, held in Jakarta. In this program, she trained under Nikki Snelson for acting and dance, as well as Peter Thoresen for voice. She has also worked with Indonesian theatrical practitioner I. Yudhi Soenarto on “Nawang Wulan”, a stage adaptation of Indonesian folklore.

2018 was a big year for Ajeng. She stepped up as Michelle Morris in the JPAC production of “Dreamgirls” and branched out to more dramatic works by making her debut in a play in “Blackbird”, a two-hander that delves into sexual violence against women and children. This performance was held to raise awareness and instigate discussion on how to become a better support system for its survivors. Outside of the stage, she also had her first taste of a major motion picture in her involvement of Indonesia’s first superhero movie, “Gundala”.

In addition to performing, Ajeng also has a great passion in education. She is currently involved in Theater For Life, an applied theatre education program focusing on social issues among local underprivileged youths, and Mondiblanc Acting Lab, which explores mental health issues in immersive theatrical settings. She is very passionate about using her knowledge, skills, and experience to advance the visibility of the underrepresented in the society.

Akram Joseph


Akram Joseph maintains and prides himself on being an established and hardworking actor, stuntman and pro-wrestler.

Originally a chef, Akram ventured out into acting classes when he wasn’t in the kitchen. Upon completing a six-week acting course he developed a taste for performing. Whilst completing his final year of commercial cookery he enrolled in a Cert 3 evening class in the Theatre and Screen Acting course at ACTT for a year. He then enrolled in the Screenwise’s Showreel course studying voice, American accent, comedy, green screen, comedy and character for a year. He ended that course by choosing to show off his vulnerable soft side in a scene from the film “Dear John” and a tough guy persona in a scene from “The Town”.

Akram Joseph has competed in the pro-wrestling scene since 2014, as AK4T7. He decided to take both his acting and wrestling skill further by taking up stunt classes at Stunt Action Consultants under Stunt Coordinator Ray Anthony. He trained every week for little over two years to achieve and pass his stunt grading as a Stunt Action Person (SAP).

In 2012, Akram made Kris Macourt’s “Between A Stock & A Heart Place” about homelessness; “Convict” in a Parramatta prison setting, and Maria Tran’s plucky action comedy duo film “Hit Girls” starring girl power. His 2013 highlights included being a detective in “Bingo Unit” an interactive multimedia police drama performance and SBS’s “Once Upon a Time in Punchbowl” spinoff miniseries.

In 2018, Akram successfully auditioned for “Aida” and from there he was welcomed into the world of opera. Working on that production from start to end, he proved himself to be a daring, motivated and valuable asset.

Akshay Mahendrakar

Akshay MahendrakarHS

Akshay Mahendrakar is a self-assured actor, filmmaker, voiceover artist, writer and model who loves the beautiful art that is entertainment and creative expression. He considers himself to be an innovative and passionate filmmaker who strongly believes in the technical pursuit of excellence and social commentary within his films, and how he himself can inspire both his ethnic and industry peers for generations to come.

Akshay owes his heritage to his worldly, hands-on, resourceful, ambitious and stylish ethos, in which he is driven by the craft of imagery, visual depth and athletic prowess to achieve emotional fidelity. From backdrop dressing in children’s classic “Peter Rabbit” (2017) and corporate brands for “Woolworths” (2016), “Aussie Home Loans” and “NSW Transport” (2017), he delights in the more substantial ones such as “The Seduction”, “Think Nothing”, “Domestic Violence” and “No Mercy” (2016). He is a regular on genre television ranging from crime, drama to science fiction and mystery.

Akshay is a seasoned director who has been nominated more than 5 times for his short documentary “Danse de Voyage” he is also a cinematographer and editor of films and music videos.

Alana Maclean-Dowling

Alana Maclean Headshot

Alana Maclean-Dowling grew up in Wollongong and began theatre at the age of nine. Since then, her passion for the creative arts grew, and spent her schooling years cultivating her craft in both stage and screen performance, attending Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts as an auditioned student.

Alana starred in a TV pilot in Canada when she was 15, and continues to break into the film industry. She loves working with animals.



Alessandra has done short film scenes and has had multiple television appearances like "Neighbours" as well as television commercials.

Alessandra’s passion for acting started when she was young dressing up and imitating soap opera and movie characters both inwardly and outwardly. She continued that trend by participating in drama at school, and furthered it with method acting. She has also developed her skills and knowledge by studying professional training in a range of different areas like Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen, Ivana Chubbuck and Michael Chekhov. She is very good at playing powerful, romantic lead, stunts and dramatic characters, to name a few. She likes to take on roles that challenge her. 

Alessandra speaks multiple languages and in different fluent accents, making her as a diverse, unique and open-minded person. She is able to play different cultures, having grown up living across Europe, America, Australia and Canada. A model and singer whose other skills dancing, she is artistic and creative in everything she does.

Alex Abbad


Alex Abdullah Abbad—sometimes known as Alex Abbad—is an Indonesian actor, poet, host, musician, visual artist and music producer, with two decades of experience in the creative and entertainment industry. He started off his career as MTV Asia VJ in the 90's and rose to become Indonesia's leading actor. He is very well regarded as a character actor who takes exceptionally challenging roles.

Alex starred in an HBO Original Series “Halfworlds” (2015) directed by Joko Anwar. In addition, he starred in “The Raid 2” (2014) and in “Merantau” (2009), both directed by Gareth Evans. As for accolades and recognition, he won the Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) for Best Supporting Actor in “My Stupid Boss” (2016) and nominated for the same category the next year in “Night Bus” (2017).

As host, Alex has had experiences in game shows, reality and music television. A producer and singer for his own band Les Smokey, Gending, and Vladimier Baboons, he also writes and paints in his spare time.

Alex Levett

AlexLevettHS2024 1

Alex Levett is an actor who wishes to go into the work of acting in all forms including Theatre, Screen, Voice as well as voiceovers for games and cartoons. He has acted in several TAFE productions.

He has TAFE courses in Diploma of Musical Theatre and both Certificates 3 and 4 for Theatre & Screen respectively.

Alexis Bonnor


Alexis Bonnor is a talented, strong and dedicated young actor, dancer and singer who takes after her equally artistic siblings in the family. With an enormous amount of experience at the ripe age of 10, she tends to pick up on different styles very quickly such as jazz, ballroom, tap and hip-hop. She has appeared extensively on stage in QLD in musical theatre and plays, as well as a range of short films, including the recent feature “Love Socks” and the much-lauded productions of “Oliver!” and “The Wizard of Oz” in fine character form.

Alexis is a very friendly, bubbly and waif-like girl who loves to put on a dazzling show everywhere she goes. Due to her stoic and mature nature, she works very well with adults but more importantly also understands them on their level and can appreciate candour. Considering her portfolio so far, she may grow up to be masterfully associated with indie, arthouse, fantastical fare as she relishes introspective work-turned-unreal the most.

She has also dabbled in modeling, most notably in Tamblyn’s Young Model Search competition and splashing about in the wave pool as part of the feel-good summer lifestyle vista for “Wet’n’Wild” (2013). Alexis is currently home-schooled with four other siblings, whom she is close to, so it is often a hot creative mess at home!

Alicia Gonzalez


Trained at Lecoq in Paris, France, Alicia Gonzalez is a theatre maker specialising in clown and physical comedy, movement and ensemble devised techniques to storytelling. She works across theatre, film and education as devisor, director, teacher and performer. Alicia is a member of the comedy group Choo Choo Troupea clown for Clown Doctors Australia, and is Associate Director for Clockfire Theatre Company, for who she has collaborated and performed in the 1st instalment of “A Hunger Suite”, “we, the lost company” and “The Natural Conservatorium for Wise Women”. In 2018 Alicia will continue to collaborate, write and perform for Matriark Theatre Inc, Living Room Theatre and InPlay Arts.

Alicia enjoys working as a performance coach and movement director for several shows including Mardi Gras favourite “The Punters Siren”. In 2016 she co-directed The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch for the Maritime Museum by DropBear Theatre. As Marquez Laundry Theatre Co Artistic Director she has been commissioned to write, direct and perform in: “Macondo's Clothesline” and “Fred & Ginger” (The Old 505 Theatre) and her first operetta “Lemon Tree” (blank_space Gallery). Alicia was also selected to participate in NIDA’s 2014 Independent Creative Development Program in Sydney. In 2014 Critical Stages offered Alicia the Emerging Producers residency. In 2015 she had her directing short-film debut. 

She has created and facilitated workshops in Lecoq pedagogy, clown, bouffon, and devising for theatre at The Clown InstituteLaugh Masters AcademyMilkcrate Theatre, Riverside Theatres and for various high-schools and drama students preparing for their HSC solo pieces. Her artistic influences include Compagnie Philippe Genty, Chiara Guidi, Ariane Mnouchkine, Peter Brook, Maguy Marin, & Pina Bausch. Alicia was the recipient of the Ian Potter Cultural Trust grant to help fund her studies at Lecoq. When she’s not trying to find absurdity in the everyday idiosyncratic human condition, she offers her expertise as a creative surgeon to indie theatre makers, actors and clowns. 

Alicia is a graduate of the 2-year Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris (Professional Actor pedagogy and Laboratory of Movement Studies) course. She also trained at Zen Zen Zo (QLD), the Movement Theatre Studio (NYC), Actors College of Theatre and Television Theatre (SYD) as well as other specialists including Simon T Rann (Compagnie Philippe Genty).

Website: http://www.aliciagonzalez.com.au/ 

Alison Lee Rubie

AlisonLeeRubieHS5 2018

After graduating from a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Theatre Performance at Wesley Institute, Alison Lee Rubie has had the opportunity to explore new depths to create and immerse herself into different characters. Originally from the Central Coast with time spent in Sydney, Brisbane and travelling the world, she moved back to Sydney’s Inner West in 2010 and together with Steven Hopley created their theatre companies Enigma and Hot Room Theatre Group.

Fresh from a short break in performing in order to focus on studying animals and zoo-keeping at Taronga Zoo, Alison has kept in touch with her creative side through her theatre companies, producing her own work.

She took on the role of Director for Hot Room Theatre Group's debut production “Opposites Attract” as well as acting in it, which brought back her passion and drive for the industry. Her theatre credits include “La Ronde” (Housekeeper), “The Shape of Things” (Jenny), “The Maids” (Solange), “Twelfth Night” (Feste), “The Popular Mechanicals” (Robin Starveling), “Interrupted at her Music” (Susanna, Self devised), “Talking With…,” (Twirler), and “Easter “(Benjamin), as well as musicals including “West Side Story” and “Hot Mikado”. She has also been involved in some short films and feature films including “Suburban Mayhem” and some TV commercials.

Alissar Gazal


Alissar Gazal came to Australia from Lebanon in the early 70’s. After graduating from ANU in Canberra, she moved back to Sydney and began her acting career when she joined Australia’s first bilingual Arab-Australian company TAQA Theatre in 1991-1999. Her involvement there included devising, writing, acting and producing, which would place her in stellar steed among ethnically enlightening stories and among award-winning, visionary peers such as Tom Zubrycki and Fadia Abboud.

Alissar has always been interested in all aspects of film especially documentary. A fan of narrative-driven, character-driven and observational style, she produced and directed her own piece that was close to her heart, “Le[s]banese” which spotlighted the struggling connect between the women of Lebanon and their burgeoning sexual identities. Recently, she became a beloved character following the online sensation of the 9-part series “I Luv U But” over two seasons. She has a knack of bringing both heart and cheekiness to the role of a mother unaware of her daughter’s secret as well as a TV chef with a lascivious appetite…

Alissar is on the Management Committee of the Arab Film Festival and the Selection Committee for Sydney Film Festival. She is also a founding member of Sydney Arabic Choir. In addition, she has been known to facilitate thought-provoking diversity casting seminars for ICE (Information and Cultural Exchange) at Parramatta. While she has also enthusiastically assisted on the set for other filmmakers and casting directors, her first love will always be acting.

Alissar’s other love is cooking. She owned and operated her catering company Date Fig Olive from 2003-2006, but continues to cater for private functions.

Almitra Mavalvala


Almitra Mavalvala is a Sydney-based Persian Pakistani performing artist, writer, and composer who hails from Karachi, Pakistan. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music (Music Theatre) from the Australian Institute of Music. Shen began her theatre journey in Pakistan, where she worked on productions such as Ira Levin's "Death Trap" and Nida Butt's musical "Grease." 

In 2015, Almitra pursued her passion for theatre and film by studying special effects makeup, which deepened her knowledge of the craft. She returned to Pakistan in 2016 to direct and produce her first music video, which featured her own original music and lyrics. 

Almitra has also composed and written music for various projects, including "The Breaths in Between" with Eleven O’Clock Theatre and developing her own musical, "Aaliyah" in 2023. 

In 2022, Almitra premiered her autobiographical show "Blacklisted" at the Hayes Theatre, which addressed the urgent and important issues of displacement of home, racial profiling, and immigration. She hopes that her story will resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact beyond theatre.

Amber Castle


Vivacious nature lover Amber Castle has embarked on a varied career in performing since she studied acting full time at the age of 19. She thrived in the dramatic, quirky and interesting space such as drug addict and prostitute Crystal in a professional production of “Tarnished Dreams” and a small, feisty role in the feature film “The Elixer”.

She decided to expand her skills and study at Australian Film and Television Academy with Tony Bonner and Tony Poli (NIDA) as well as drop in classes at The Actors Centre. This led to featured roles in TVCs such as Valvoline and Banana Boat Sunscreen as well as appearances on Cheez TV, SBS, NBN and corporate training videos.

Amber embraced her toothy, energetic and sparkly side as presenter for the national tour of “Barney the Dinosaur” and live shows as host for “Humphrey B Bear”. She spent many years in professional children’s theatre and entertainment before switching careers and working within the zoo industry working with chimpanzees, dolphins and birds of prey as an animal trainer. Each Zoo soon utilised Ambers public speaking skills and she became the show presenter for dolphin & Seal shows as well as managing the zoo entertainment departments.

Amber returned to acting and performing after being offered a place on Season 2 of “Please Marry My Boy” (Seven Network). This reignited her passion for the screen industry.

Amber is looking forward to playing further varied and interesting characters in all areas of the industry as well as utilising her skills in other areas such as salsa/ballroom and Latin dancing; animal handling/training, life coaching and motivational speaking.

Ananya Dixit


As the youngest-ever graduate from NIDA, Ananya Dixit is a promising young actor with genre range and a multilingual tongue. While being of Hindu heritage with Bollywood credentials, she can flawlessly command the Korean language, both in speech and in writing.

Ananya has a thoughtful handle on improvisational situational humour and fluid acting, which lends itself to a robust performance despite being a relative newcomer to the industry. Influential within her circles, she both exhibits and expects initiative, and is the kind of woman to express a stream-of-conscious, forward-thinking monologue about her identity, youth issues, rites of passage, fashion style and the state of the world.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI10xa7rjfTV96pKO8YDh8Q

Andrea Laing

AndreaLaingHS2020 1

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, all Andrea Laing ever wanted to do was to be in the lights. Whether it is posing metaphysical questions about desire and ‘what ifs’, re-enacting a cold case murder, navigating through relationship breakdowns or presenting for reality TV, travelogues and awards shows, she enjoys showing off an abundance of incredible material and iconic hotspots in her hometown, and the exciting dimension of travel.

Andrea’s portfolio has ranged from the rags-to-riches element alongside a struggle for forgiveness and redemption in “A Cross to Bear” (2012), scientific knowledge piece “Stuff You Should Know” (2013) and social psychology experiment “Bad Girls” (2007). On the other hand, she tends to aim for irreverent fare “Zombie College: The 5 Rules of Lab Safety” (2013) and “Chainsaw Cheerleaders” (2013) whose titles are alone worth the price of admission. Her work on the Sundance film “Paradise” by Max Makowski in the Philippines gave her the contrivance of all three: independence, passion and exotic locations. More importantly, it exposed her to the ‘verite style’ of filmmaking in the genre of found footage, where she was required to draw from simply a thorough outline, naturalistic acting and authentic dialogue.

Andrea is a certified and experienced freelance host who can create a likeable, delicate and kind face of any segment. She is a regular contributor to “Mood Magazine” and “Get Connected”, who is in the know about fashion trends, entertainment news, business, celebrities, entertainment events and a thriving local hub.

Precise, articulate, consummate and visionary while driving a humanitarian cause when she can, Andrea is always persistent and humble in her pursuits. It is this consistency that shows value in whatever she’s after. She abides by this saying, which has always held her in good steed: ‘Let success make the noise!

Andrea Tan



Andrea Tan is a Sydney-based mixed media artist and performer. She started her work in the theatre primarily as a costume designer, before extending to puppetry, prop making, dance and circus arts. She has been involved in theatre devising and had small roles in productions, as well as featured and extras work in film. 

Andrea works full time in antique and collectible dealing and has an avid interest in objects and curiosities. She is particularly interested in the unique history of second-hand items and what makes them resonate with the beholder.  

Andrea is often writing and collaborating on scripts and movement pieces, always preferring to lean into experimental and horror genres with her work. 

Andrew Thomas


Andrew Thomas, originally from Adelaide, moved to Ballarat to study musical theatre. During this time, he was in the workshop cast of “Motor-Mouth Loves Suck-Face” an apocalyptic musical as the role of Christopher Tupper. And in his third year at Federation University he played Gomez in “The Addams Family” and Cinderella’s Father in “Into the Woods”. He also starred in an advertisement for Ballarat Cabaret Festival.

Angela Tran


Angela Tran2021

As an actor, Angela Tran has appeared on television, several short films, and stage productions, namely for Bell Shakespeare's Players, “60 Minutes”, bAKEHOUSE Theatre, ATYP and Powerhouse Youth Theatre (PYT) respectively. She has been noted for her gentle nature in renowned theatre critic and blogger Kevin Jackson’s review for her performance in “Red Panda”.  Australian Stage Review mentions Angela’s performance reflects 'promise'. "

Angelika Nieweglowski

Angelika NieweglowskiHSweb

Angelika Nieweglowski is a Sydney-based Polish actress. In 2015 she graduated from the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television. She has lived her whole life in Australia; however growing up in a Polish family certainly had shaped her into the passionate, fiercely determined and vivacious person that she is today.

Whilst at drama school Angelika had the fortunate opportunity to work with some of Australia’s brightest and most experienced directors including Lex Marinos, Luke Rogers and John O’Hare. She was voice trained by renowned practitioner Jill Brown.

Angelika’s credits include: Mrs Callas in “Roundheads and Peakheads” (AFTT), Helena in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (AFTT) and Gail in “The Man Who Couldn’t Dance” (AFTT).

After completing training, she performed in a short devised piece titled “Loop” (dir. Cecile Payet). Along with her stage credits, Angelika has also acted in numerous short films, including “The Fox” (dir. Luke Chetham). She speaks fluent Polish, which was put to good use on a recent bi-lingual short film “How to Speak English” (dir. Tiffany Liu) as voiceover talent.

Along with her acting, Angelika works as a theatre costume and set designer. In 2016 she has worked with companies such as Sport for Jove, Hayes Theatre Co, Squabbalogic and the Darlinghurst Theatre Company.

Angie Davies


Based in Sydney, Australia, Angie Davies exhibits her versatility as an actress, presenter and musician. She recently graduated from Australia’s leading film and television acting school Screenwise, and also holds university qualifications in business, journalism and emergency management.

Angie’s childhood was filled with music and theatre. From a young age, she found herself on stage performing in her small hometown at local eisteddfods and Christmas concerts. From there, she grew to become an accomplished and qualified pianist.

Having worked in broadcast journalism, Angie is a confident presenter both on screen and radio.


Angus Thompson


Angus Thompson is an actor in his late 20s with Cerebral Palsy from Bathurst, NSW. He is a graduate of Charles Sturt University (Communications – Public Relations). In 2017, he was accepted into ABC’s Fresh Blood for co-creating “The Angus Project”, a show loosely based on his own life as a student.

In 2018, Angus was accepted to model in Melbourne Fashion Week’s event Access to Fashion. For the past two years he has acted in “Disability Care” educational and training videos for Sydney-based company Altura Learning.

Angus is hopeful to pursue future projects within the creative industry and do his part in pushing for the disabled population to be seen and heard in the media.

Anna Cominos

Anna Cominos Headshot

Anna Cominos is not your everyday, typical Greek female, if such a type exists. Motherly, smart, organised, sensitive, intellectual and in touch with both of her Greek and Australian cultures, this festival and event expert and published writer has also gained an unlikely taste for politically incorrect comedy smash-hit notably 2003- 2007’s TV series and 2003 spinoff feature “Fat Pizza” by SBS.

While the viral, famed nature of Fat Pizza has – somewhat dubiously – ensured its status in the hallowed halls of Australian pop culture, Anna is at lengths to emphasise that she is so much more than the sum of her parts, which is a writer for her bi-lingual heritage.

In an article, Anna can swing from satirical, cheeky and over-the-top, to thoughtful, historical and creative pieces on the displacement and re-integration of the Greek community in a diasporic context. While she is not writing, she is as enthralling and committed as a risk-taking, ‘death-defying’ performer on the stage. These life experiences have given her boundless depth and that rare mix of ingrained self-assurance and cultural embedment: translating to a perfect recipe for television drama.

Anna Jahjah

Anna Jahjah 397087

Anna Jahjah is a French director and drama teacher who has been living in Sydney over the past decade. She studied Anglophone theatre at Cours Florent and Jack Garfein Actors Studio in Paris when she performed in both classical and contemporary plays, including Comedia Dell'Arte plays. They taught her everything about timing, rhythm and relating to the audience.

Anna’s career in directing began afterwards, in addition to being a raconteur of Aboriginal stories at Le Musée du Quai Branly and Musée du Louvre. She performed in radio plays and made several documentaries about life in Lebanon, her home country.

Through the Conservatorie National Supérieur de Musique, Anna taught drama and storytelling in schools in a city already known for its creatively rich flair. She also conducted drama classes in English for amateur actors willing to improve their English while infusing the value of fun within performance, by staging Anglophone theatre in English such as Peter Schaffer's “Black Comedy” and Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap”.

Although Anna made the difficult decision to leave friends and family behind in France to settle down in Australia, she has wasted little time in facilitating drama workshops both in French and Arabic in schools as well as the National Conservatorium of Music. She toured around NSW as an actor in the bilingual one-woman show “La Bouillabaisse et la Marseillaise”, and enjoyed teaching French learners about the culture and expressions of Marseille, both in French and English. This was to show both student and teacher alike how drama can help to inform and communicate a foreign language laterally; that non-native French speakers can interact with native French speakers while expressing quirky, innovative and thoughtful fun for all involved.

In addition to her time at Alliance Française, Anna has been a playwright and director adapting established material. Under Le Théâtre des Assassins Anna has debuted plays with amateurs such as “Le Dindon” with The Sydney French Theatre, as well as a professional English version of “Roberto Zucco” at the Old Fitzroy Theatre, She was pleased to collaborate with a melting pot of French, Australian, Lebanese and Russian actors.

Anna is very excited about her latest pet project Théâtre Excentrique with partner Gerry Sont. As Artistic Director of Théâtre Excentrique, it focuses on performing theatre from around the world. Her production, the critically acclaimed “Antigone” by Jean Anouilh was performed in April 2014 with professional actors in English and a chorus of school students repeating key sentences in French.

Website: www.theatrexcentrique.com/

Antonio Ladera-Bispo

AntonioLadera Bispo

One of the most exciting acrobatic child performers today, Sydney-born Antonio Ladera-Bispo is hard-working, dedicated, focused and disciplined. With a Capoeira Master and Black Belt BJJ for his father and a Dancer/Capoeira Artist for his mother, he started performing on stage since when he was 1.5 years old. As a martial arts enthusiast he trains 6 days a week, so he is sure to give his best to every project he is given.

Currently the AFBJJ 2018 NSW State Champion for 10 years, Antonio has won his 3rd gold medal and a 20th medal tally overall. His talent includes playing traditional Brazilian instruments Berimbau, Atabaque and Pandiero. With a passion for culture and arts, he plays Capoeira and proudly shows his culture around the Australia community, corporations and schools.

With his exotic background, he is sure to represent your brand with pride. Antonio values family, respect, gratitude and perseverance.

Antony Milne


Antony Milne trained at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in the UK and then went straight into regional Pantomime (“Alice in Wonderland” – Mad Hatter)! This was to set the format for his career. After a couple of years working in London’s West End both onstage (“Salad Days” – Company) and backstage (“Private Lives”, “Me and My Girl’, “Hidden Laughter”), he also worked on tours for Peter Gabriel, Genesis and Phil Collins.

After an ITV television documentary with Sir Cameron Mackintosh, USA was calling and Antony landed South Floridian stage roles in “The Importance of Being Earnest” – Jack Worthing, “Tartuffe” – Tartuffe, “Molly Sweeney” – Frank Sweeney, and “The Prince” – The Prince.

With all good intentions, Antony chose to move to New York to expand his options. Life in Manhattan quickly turned to tragedy on 9/11 and it was time to start a new life in Australia. After adapting and settling in OZ, a TV movie role presented itself (“Jessica” – Codlington KC) and then television opportunities took over, including intense roles in “All Saints”, “Rogue Nation”, “Underbelly”, “Home and Away”, ‘Rake”, and “House of Bond”.

Is it about the journey or the destination?

Arman Ferrer


Arman Ferrer (full name Antonio Rey Manuel F. Ferrer) is a professional musical theatre performer whose leading man-quality, attention-grabbing vocals match his long list of accomplishments and accolades. Trained in classical music at University of The Philippines, College of Music, he also received a vital New York education with greats Bill Schuman and Claire Primrose.

Locally active in the news and beloved in the close-knit theatre family, Arman has appeared in “Binondo: A Tsinoy Musical” (Synergy 88), “Guadalupe: The Musical” (Julia Borromeo Productions), “A Comedy of Tenors” (Repertory Philippines) and “Maynila Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag” (Gantimpala Theater), to name a few.

As a recording artist with a dedicated following, Arman is equally at home in the studio consistently producing covers in his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtV6rp-43279LT38gwb3s9w

Of Arman’s turn in “Sideshow”, he was singled out as: ‘powerful in his rare laconic role as Jake/Cannibal King… [and] his profound love for Violet is felt across the halls with a mere turn of the head. His physicality is matched by a robust baritone that finds its best medium in the song, "The Devil You Know”’.

Arnold Wong


Arnold Wong’s passion for theatre has taken him from diverse parts of a Russian Jew in “Fiddler on the Roof” to a U.S. Marine in “South Pacific” to the drama teacher Mr. Myers in “Fame” to Shane the Bully in “Small Poppies” and the evil Uncle Tschang in “The Land of Smiles”, performing across Hong Kong and Australia.

Arnold has augmented his thespian enthusiasm through other technical roles as Master of Ceremonies, Producer, Director and Production Advisor.

Perth-based, Arnold continues to look out for challenging and satisfying theatre and film projects to participate in.

Ashlee Woodgate


Ashlee Woodgate made her debut as Violetta Valery in “La Traviata” with Opera Hunter in July 2021. In 2019, she starred in the role of Nedda with Outlaw Opera's preview performance of “Pagliacci” with the Stardust Circus. This was after featuring as Lucia Di Lammermoor in the title role with Outlaw Opera, having just received rave reviews as Musetta in “La Bohème” with the Central Coast Opera (2018), fresh off performances of both Zerlina in “Don Giovanni” and Susanna in “Le Nozze di Figaro” with Opera Hunter (2016-2017).

Ashlee was engaged as First Lady in “Die Zauberflöte” making her Carnegie Hall debut with the Manhattan Opera Studio in NYC, where she also made her debut at the National Opera Center in 2018. 

While at The Sydney Conservatorium Opera School, she sang Despina in “Cosi fan tutte”; Herald of Dawn in “The Fairy Queen”, as well as the role of Calisto in “La Calisto” and Pamina in “Die Zauberflöte”. While at Newcastle Conservatorium, she sang Fiordiligi in “Cosi fan Tutti” and Dido in “Dido” and “Aeneas” and “Night The Fairy Quee”n with The Macquarie Singers.

2017 offered this young singer an internship with Opera Australia for their production of “Tosca”, as well as a position covering baroque specialist Miriam Allan in a performance of “Haydn’s Creation”. She also appeared as soprano soloist in Rossini’s Stabat Mater with the the Ku-ring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra. Ashlee has featured as the soprano soloist in Handel's Messiah at Sydney Town Hall for repeat engagements.

Ashlee completed a Masters of Music (Performance Teaching) at The University of Melbourne and holds a Masters of Music Studies degree (Opera Performance) at Sydney Conservatorium of Music (2017), a Bachelor of Music at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music having graduated with Distinction (2015), and where she also received her Associate Diploma in classical voice.

Website: https://www.ashleewoodgate.com

Aubrey Flood

Aubrey Flood 350954

Since graduating from the Ballarat Arts Academy in 2013, Aubrey has worked extensively as an actor, singer and theatre-maker. She regularly trains with the Present Tense Ensemble and has trained in Suzuki and Viewpoints with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company in New York, attending both their Saratoga Summer Intensive and Advanced Training in their NYC studio.

Aubrey's credits range from children's theatre to cabaret, vocals for corporate events to a cappella groups, fringe festivals all over Australia to major works in theatres. She recently returned to Melbourne after two years of living in London and travelling throughout Europe.

Avie Dane


Avie Dane (Angelina Volmer) is a Sydney-based actor. She occasionally performs as a stand-up comedian at various open mics.

Avie has completed the intensive Screen Actors Studio course at NIDA and studied improv and stand-up comedy at Improv Theatre Sydney. In 2018 she portrayed the villain Scarlet in the dystopian thriller “Saving Mercury”, which was selected for many international short film festivals. She made her stage debut in a short play at the 2019 Short+Sweet Theatre festival in Sydney. She has also finished a short film as a director.

Besides English, Avie is also fluent in Estonian and Russian. She is an intermediate Lindy Hop dancer.

Babushka Ferenczi


Babushka Ferenczi is a full-time professional model, dancer, teacher and actor currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Beginning her career in France where she was inspired by art nouveau, she has been in the industry for more than ten years.

Her vast portfolio in modeling has included runways, photo shoots, catalogues, fashion shows and video shoots. Babushka’s has been published in a few magazines for the bridal and alternative markets and has taken part in leading consumer and retailer events such as L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Fringe Festival and Melbourne World Runway. As a performer, she specialises in belly dance, Bollywood, Latin-American, fire twirling and Bhangra; all of which she performs on a regular basis for different functions, festivals and charities. Because of videographic modeling for many well-known Indian singers, she was offered an opportunity to work on a Bollywood feature as a lead.

Babushka is known to be very reliable, organised, dedicated and easy to direct. Although she knows how to adapt and conform to rules, she also has a very fertile creative side and loves adding her own twist to projects when it is welcome. Her artistic output has tended to alternate between glamourous, tasteful, refined, old-school, wholesome, warrior-like, frenetic, tranquil and otherworldly – and that goes for her looks as well.

Babushka’s experience in working for different and world-renowned dance companies have enabled her to form her own company Jalwa Dance Company, where she can utilise her skillset to the fullest and richest extent of her ability as owner, choreographer and lead performer. In addition, she instructs her students under these variegated dance styles to a shrewd and high standard.

Indeed, Babushka is proof of the adage that art is a way of life. And when she embodies the tagline in a photographic campaign: ‘Divinely You’, it’s not hard to see why.

Website: http://www.jalwadancecompany.com/

Belinda Aitken

BelindaAitkenHS2021 1

Belinda Aitken’s love for acting began at a young age while performing as a baby penguin (she did grow up on Phillip Island after all!) in a primary school production based around the fairytale, Hansel and Gretel.  Her desire to act and tell stories grew stronger and she honed that while studying performing arts at William Bates Academy in Melbourne. During that time, she appeared in a couple of short films and had a supporting role on stage in the debut production of The Wall.

Extra appearances in “Blue Heelers” and “Rush” followed, but Belinda found very quickly that the world just wasn’t ready to witness the talents of a disabled actress. As a result, she disappeared off into the darkness, thinking that’s where she will forever belong. But the world turned, opinions changed and eventually there was light at the end of the tunnel. She had ideas and coupled with a love of writing (and a brief stint studying TV writing at AFTRS), Belinda was back and was ready to tell many a story.

Belinda is always looking for interesting projects that provide new challenges and is excited about being a part of the charge to see more diversity on screen and stage. She believes there are many authentic tales about disability just waiting to be told.

Website: https://belindaaitken.au/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/belaitken/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/belindaaitkenactress

Benjamin Hambley


Benjamin Hambley’s passion for performing began in his preschool Christmas play where he played ‘Baby Jesus’ in the nativity scene. Since then, he has gone on to perform throughout Australia and overseas.

Benjamin studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music where he graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Music (Musical Theatre), receiving Academic honours. Whilst there, he played roles in “Godspell” (Judas); Joe “Working” (Zutty) and “A Chorus Line” (Paul San Marco).

Straight from his final year of study, Benjamin has gone on to work with international creative teams and companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Pen2Stage and The BBC where he’s been fortunate enough to perform a variety of roles in productions throughout various countries.

Between contracts Benjamin works at Warner Bros. Movie World here on the Gold Coast as part of Show and Entertainment. He feels very fortunate to continually be able to hone his craft and be surrounded by passionate and determined like-minded artists whom inspire him to grow as a performer.

Other credits include “Dirtgirlworld” (ABC Kids TV); “Wicked” (Ensemble/U/S Boq), “Scrap” (Jonathan Scrap); “Fiddler on The Roof” (Motel Kamzoil); “Little Shop of Horrors” (Seymour Krelborn); “Aladdin” (Aladdin); “FLOOD” (Steve) and “Doctor Who Arena Spectacular” (Monster/Dancer).

In 2021, Benjamin has been touring Australia in ABC Kids’ current number one TV show, “Bluey Live.”

Benjamin Howes


Benjamin Howes was born and raised in Sydney, and his Australian credits include “Les Misérables”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Little Shop of Horrors” and “Grease”. He moved to New York to pursue studies at Uta Hagen’s school HB Studio, and he now teaches Uta Hagen’s technique exercises and coaches actors all over the US.

In the United States, Benjamin has performed on Broadway in “Mary Poppins”, “Scandalous” and the theatre crowd favourite [title of show]. He has toured the country in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Mary Poppins” and “Shrek The Musical” as well as appearing in three Off-Broadway shows, most recently in “The View Upstairs”. Regionally, he has performed at A.R.T. in the award-winning play “The Shape She Makes” at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre, the Old Globe, Goodspeed Opera House, MiIwaukee Repertory Theatre and Asolo Repertory among many others. You can hear Benjamin on the Original Cast Recordings of “Scandalous”, “The View Upstairs” and on “Forever” from the “Shrek The Musical” recording.

Favourite roles include Willy Wonka in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, Professor Henry Higgins in “My Fair Lady”, Lord Farquaad in “Shrek”, Luther Billis in “South Pacific”, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh in “Anything Goes”, Le Compte De Guiche in “Cyrano”, and Albin in “La Cage Aux Folles”. Twenty years after understudying Lumiere in the Australian production of “Beauty and the Beast”, Benjamin finally got to play the role July 2017 at North Shore Music Theatre and in 2018 at Pittsburgh CLO.

On film you can find Benjamin in “Easter Mysteries” as Thomas and in “Miles” as Mr. Meely.  Television credits include a recurring role in Season 2 of “The Deuce” on HBO, “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”, “Flight of the Conchords” and a small but glamorous recurring role in “One Life to Live” as bar manager Harvey DeWitt, who is also Shakespeare reciting drag queen, Alma Children.

Benjamin loves renovating and giving abandoned furniture new life, and you can see his transformations on Instagram @benjthestar, as well as plenty of photos of his Boston Terrier named Disco. Most of the time they live in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Website: www.benjaminhowes.com

Bobby Le


Bobby Le is an Australian-Vietnamese actor, martial artist and model hailing from Wollongong, Australia. He never intended being an actor when he was young; however, he always pretended to be different characters from watching movies and shows (mostly martial arts movies and cartoons) and playing video games. Video games were one of his inspirations of being an actor, because of the uniqueness of the stories being developed and the diversity and distinction among the characters within them.

Bobby’s journey as an actor/martial artist stemmed from learning drama back in high school. But what really sparked his interest was watching Bruce Lee movies and many other martial arts movies. Bruce Lee thus inspired him to dream, and realise that this is the path that he’s going to pursue for the rest of his life. Alongside these movies, the fighting video games inspired his to practice martial arts—ranging from Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Boxing, Kung Fu, Karate and more recently Jeet Kune Do. He also gained experience in stunts.

At Sydney Theatre School Bobby performed in three stage plays “The Game of Lust”,” The Man Who Fell out of Bed” and “The Tempest”. Upon graduation he worked on various short films, TVCs and extra work. He studied various courses at different acting schools to continue on improving his craft, and to keep himself motivated. He is focusing on branching out further into martial arts, action, thriller, comedy, sci-fi/fantasy genres and television series as well as open to many other genres.

Bobby’s acting influences include naturally Bruce Lee, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Sylvester Stallone and J. K. Simmons. He has writing aspirations, where he hopes in the near future to make his own series.

Bobby is also mildly autistic—which he did not know till his last year of high school, but one he became very proud and appreciative of.

Fired up and motivated because of his martial arts, acting and life experience, Bobby is clear with himself in his determination to accomplish his goals, and in his willingness to learn more along the way. His ultimate goal is to be the best actor that he can be—giving his very best, no matter the distance—whether it be in Australia, Hollywood or Asia, thus paving the way for many Asian-Australian actors in the next generation, especially for Vietnamese culture.

Video Library: https://vimeo.com/user55501367

Bradley Storer


Bradley Storer is a Melbourne-based musical theatre performer and cabaret artist. Having completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama/Literature) at Deakin University and obtained a Diploma of Musical Theatre from Patrick Studios Australia under the tutelage of Andrews Hallsworth.

Bradley has most recently been seen in new Australian musical “Post” and as the villainous Chadbury in “Queer Lady Magician”. His critically acclaimed dark cabaret “Trickster,” has also enjoyed multiple Melbourne seasons and toured to Adelaide Fringe.

Brandon Nguyen


Brandon Nguyen is a Vietnamese Sydney Australian at the age of 18 who graduated from high school in 2021. With no past acting experience, "Here Out West" was his first-ever big-screen debut showcasing his raw ability to portray the character Andy.

Brandon is an active and enthusiastic student who loves to play rugby league, touch football and soccer. For two years he worked as an apprentice chef. As a model, he has worked with brands the likes of StaxOfficial and others.

He wants to experience life and is not afraid to try new things. Brandon is an enthusiastic kid trying to give his best and hopes to have more opportunities in the acting industry He dreams of working overseas while creating more diversity in entertainment, showing that Asians can be on screen everywhere. Thus, he was thrilled to have gained a guest role on Paramount’s “Last King of the Cross”.

Bridget Anne Garcia


Bridget Anne Garcia’s first real acting experience was during a primary school talent quest, performing in a self-written piece at the age of 11. Throughout her teenage years, she developed an undeniable passion for film, television, theatre and video games, which inevitably ignited her desire to join the artists so dedicated to breathing life into the countless stories and characters that shaped her life.

Mentored by numerous theatre and film professionals, Bridget underwent formal training at the Australian Institute of Music – Dramatic Arts, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Performance in March 2018. From playing the opposite gender to a person half her age, she has learned that an acting career requires long-time commitment, flexibility, integrity and most importantly, respect for others.

Brierly Broad

BrierlyHigh Res 3

Brierly Broad is a Melbourne-based actress and filmmaker, who graduated full time from the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia. She grew up in New Zealand with a background in classical theatre, performing in Shakespeare in the Park and directing contemporary takes for the Sheila Winn Shakespeare Festival.

Brierly graduated with an LLB & BA in Politics from the University of Otago, as well as being admitted to the NZ High Court as an enrolled Barrister and Solicitor. She has since returned to her passion of acting, performing in web series, theatre, and short films such as an indie horror piece “The Priest” (2015) and “Baby Powder Blues” (2014) which was made on the fly as part of the 48 Hour Film Project incentive. She has achieved Grade 8 AMEB in piano and played violin with Youth Orchestra. She is currently producing an eating disorder documentary called “Control” and sci-fi short “Broken Sleep”, both of which is close to her heart for different reasons.

In addition to her veritable talent, thoughtful work ethic and lightning-quick intelligence, Brierly’s mixed heritage as a Mauritian, Indian, Scottish, African, English and Eurasian has allowed her to step into the doorway of any and many cultures. She also delights in exploring classical texts like Shakespeare, social issues, arthouse cinema and modern comedy, or sometimes even all four at once if she can help it!

Brylee Mills


f there’s anything that Brylee Mills has learnt in dancing, it’s how to listen to her body and treat it like a beautiful, affecting, aerially and intellectually abstract force of nature. Originally from New Zealand, she worked with professionally inclusive Touch Compass Dance Co. for 4 years. She aced her RAD ballet exams, achieving an above-70% rate in her primary and advanced modules.

A successful audition for the famed Brent Street Studios saw her move to Sydney in February 2015 for an intensive, full-time year in Cert IV in Dance. Alongside hip-hop, jazz and lyrical, she majored in classical and contemporary, and felt these styles to be a best reflection of both worlds.

Tutelage by some of the best teachers in Sydney such as Teneill Wilson (Head of Ballet and Contemporary) and Nadia Klucznik (Head of Petite Performers) further refined Brylee’s dance-theatre technique. This, she put to consummate use at the sellout 2015 graduation showcase, both in an ensemble and a solo. She tends to evoke a narrative of physicality, struggle and reclaimed destiny; meanwhile her choreographic moves alone are worth a thousand words. A sinuous pivot, a enshrouded shimmer, a mid-air sense of gravitational pull, strength and speed etching her features into one of pure, alacritous concentration.

Of course Brylee is not just a one-trick pony: she has posed for NZ Photographer of the Year Richard Wood in award-winning portraits as part of the International Colour Awards. She specialises in family, wedding, portrait and dance photography.

Other than dancing stints on acclaimed reality TV competitions “The Voice” and “NZ’s Got Talent” Brylee has had classes in singing and acting, the latter of which she utilised in a local medical drama “Shortland Street”. In 2016, she has also been invited to speak on National Young Leaders Days across country, a youth initiative of The Parenting Place designed to nurture, inspire and empower New Zealand students of all ages.

And the best and most normal part of all—this young performer also happens to be a left arm amputee, but when has that ever stopped anyone from reaching unparalleled dedication, discipline, affability with most people and social change as well as a welcome for new challenges and opportunities?

Burcin Eser

Burcin Headshot 2 FINALweb

A disciplined and unique triple threat, Burcin Eser began performing at the age of 13 in high school productions. Coming from a Turkish background, she was born and raised in Melbourne. She realized her passion for the performing arts from a young age, when she would put on shows in her living room and find new gimmicks to perform for her family. Burcin followed her passion for the performing arts through to university, by completing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Drama and Psychology at Deakin University. During her years at University, she took on lead roles in several student short films, whilst also getting a taste of the professional set environment in commercial television work, and extra work in feature films and television productions.

Burcin’s first lead role was in a short film called “Displacement” where she played a young Turkish migrant woman trying to make ends meet for her and her family with limited resources. Being on her first film set and playing a character she was drawn to, she gained a greater appreciation for the performing arts and filmmaking in itself. Following her graduation, Burcin wanted to continue her training in acting, and undertook The Alexander Technique with Penny McDonald, and Sensory with Justin Lehmann at Melbourne’s 16th Street Acting Studio.

Burcin’s passion for the performing arts is not limited to any one medium. Through the years she has been inspired by film, TV and theatre equally and hopes to be challenged by a range of roles across different genres and styles of entertainment.

Cam Appleby


Cam Appleby is a lesbian performer/maker/dramaturg, whose confidence, energy and talent have drawn her to the Arts from day one. With extensive training in singing, dancing, and acting since the age of four, the title of ‘Triple Threat’ is well deserved. Having experience in both Film and Theatre, she is a versatile performer that is able to use her wide skillset to suit the roles presented to her.

Applying her studies from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) with a Bachelor of Performing Arts, Cam continues to strengthen her movement, voice and devising capabilities, making her an excellent cast member and collaborator. Co-creator of Undercurrent Theatre Company, she continues to create devised work that focuses on movement within performance and working across disciplines.

Cam’s drive, determination and strong skillset have enabled her to seamlessly work within a multitude of mediums setting her up for a long and diverse career in the arts.

Cara Barredo

Cara BarredoHS

Cara Barredo began her career at a very young age. She started professional theatre at the age of seven and hasn’t stopped ever since. Cara has over 40 shows under her belt and a Gawad Buhay Award for Best Female Featured Performance in a musical for the role of Beth in “Little Women” (2010).  

Cara took musical theatre workshop for 10 years before becoming a teacher herself. She has been teaching musical theatre workshop every summer for 12 years now. She also received a summer scholarship for dance under Steps Dance Studio (2014).

Cara is an undergraduate in St. Scholastica’s College, Bachelor’s Degree in Music majoring in Voice (Performance).

Carmen Lysiak


Carmen Lysiak has won an award for Most Outstanding Performance of an Original Composition from AMPA playing Tracy the Vampire Killer and recently made it to the semi-finals of “The World Monologue Games”. playing the character of Vicky who transforms into Cassandra the Prophetess.

Carmen has trained at Oxford in Shakespearean performance with British American Drama Academy, where she performed as Lady Macbeth and also Hermione in “The Winter’s Tale”. She has played crazy Hilda in the Dr Who play “Who Knows” transforming into Davros leader of the Daleks at the Edge Theatre and also acted in “The Ham Funeral” at Griffin Theatre. This production was nominated for a 2017 Sydney Theatre Award and was widely critically acclaimed.

Carmen has sung professionally at Star City Casino and many venues throughout Sydney as a soloist and has recorded her second CD of original music with an all-original intergalactic trio band Saturn Doll. Carmen is capable of incredible character transformation physically and vocally. A master of accents and dialects, she is a character actor with a great comic streak. 

Carmen featured in a TVC for “Vaalia” and has performed lead roles in professional musicals including “The Wiz”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Pinocchio", "Peter Pan” “Lockout the Musical” which was nominated as The People's Choice” at the Newtown Theatre awards and toured NSW in” Dancing at Christmas” as lead. She has acted in four short films, a TV Pilot and was the voiceover for the feature Indie film “Einstein Himself”.

She has performed in three operas as an actor including “Barber of Seville”, “Manon Lescaut” and “Wozzeck” directed by Barry Kosky. She has taken her solo cabaret "Shrieking Violet” to the Adelaide Fringe, and since written two more: “Alien” and “Bad Girls" both for cabaret seasons in Sydney.

In addition to playing keys and as a soloist, Carmen has worked professionally as a voice and dialect coach for theatre, film and television and for every major theatre company in Sydney including Bell Shakespeare, The Australian Opera, Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir, Griffin and Ensemble and as a composer most recently for Deadhouse: Tales from the Sydney Morgue on “Lennie Lawson Portrait of the Artist” and “Louisa Lawson”, which sold out in its Sydney season at The Rocks.

Carole Sharkey-Waters


Carole Sharkey-Waters has been performing on stage since the age of four, dancing and acting. During her teens she studied opera and taught herself rhythm guitar, which led to becoming a professional singer/guitarist.

A career highlight was dancing for the Dalai Lama. Carole also performed as Mrs. Clause in a burlesque show in her 50s, as well as singing and dancing for a Myer TVC in 202`1. For serious acting roles, she learned how to fire a gun for a lead television role in the crime reenactment “Deadly Women”. In other work she has respectfully portrayed a person suffering from schizophrenia and another as a recovering alcoholic.

Another highlight was playing the nasally comedic role of celebrity chef Manu Fieldel’s bogan mother in his Good Food and Wine presentation. Carole continued her quirky streak in the satire television such as “WTFAQ” (2023)” and “We Interrupt This Broadcast” (2022). However, the most memorable highlight perhaps was playing the eccentric lead in the black comedy feature film “Garish Hearts”, in which she also sang and composed the theme song.

Carole has been pleasantly surprised that her diverse character skillset has been popular in modelling work too! She has been a wealthy refined lady with her hair up and pearls for the “Montefiore” lifestyle promo (2017); a homeless lady in the “Anglicare” print (2023); a cougar lounging in her swimmers for the “Panasonic” video and in writer Jack Grady’s “The Skateboarders Journal” article.

Caroline Sercombe


Caroline Sercombe is a professional dancer who majored in Classical Chinese dance, who has won many awards in dance competitions as performer and choreographer for Shen Yun Performing Arts. She has gone on eight global dance show tours across Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australasia respectively, in some of the most prestigious venues in the world. She was Dance Instructor for a private arts school in San Francisco, having led her students to victory in competitions.

Caroline is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, and has a skit background from her university days. In addition to her extensive choreographic portfolio, she is able to perform jazz and contemporary dance pieces as well as basic tumbling techniques.

Caroline is highly creative, enthusiastic and passionate, with a strong interest in comedy and acting.

Cassandra Scalzi


Cassandra Scalzi

Cassandra Scalzi is no stranger to examining all that Aristotelian life can offer. To date she has qualified as a legal practitioner, curator, arts columnist, arts educator, creative facilitator, visual artist, photographer, mother, wife, model and actor. Her storytelling in all mediums has always been eccentric and exhibitionistic at heart, she often seeks the world around her as endless, day-to-day sources of inspiration, humour and imagination: people, fashion, art, beauty, nature, photography and, of course the unusual.

Based in Adelaide, Cassandra has had the privilege of working as a stylist and creative director on fashion shoots, patriotically drawing upon her surroundings and signature compulsion of colour, fusing art with fashion in an edgy, natural and transformative style. Her knowledge and respect for languages, literature and the great Masters of art exceeds commendation. From expert interpretation and translation, to performing her own stunts such as climbing trees in a tutu and bonding with a cow named Gus in a manger, she does all in the name of communication, self-expression and craft. Indeed, she fits the trope: appearances can be deceiving.

Cassandra prefers to be immersed within the richness and ethnic diversity of fashion, film and non-mainstream television. In addition, she derives satisfaction from showcasing, supporting and providing a platform for other talented artists’ work and collaborating with women and like-minded professionals.

A unique, charismatic and enormously intelligent—to the surprise of the many unsuspecting—artist with more of an open mind than most people and Parisian sensibilities, Cassandra has in recent years fallen in love with the stage, performing in the Adelaide Fringe Festival in a series of satires and is a gifted comic with a distinct ‘zany’ and prankish persona. Self-reflexively drawing upon social commentary and indelible childhood memory through formative, sometimes affectingly ironic observations of human compassion and intolerance in equal measure, she is the modern and independent feminist with an exciting twist! Think Lucille Ball VS Mary Coustas with ‘sit-down’ comedy and a peculiar daredevil streak!

Cassandra is also a children’s roving entertainer, a reptile handler and enthusiast with a pet blue tongue named Mr T (Rex), a recent hand-rearing rainbow lorikeet rescuer and a rodent keeper.

Cassidy Bonnor


Cassidy Bonnor played Cosette in Cameron Macintosh’s universally acclaimed hit 2014 production of “Les Misérables” in Melbourne—and loved it. Already a very mature, intuitive and responsible young girl, she is a quick learner and a wonderful listener who understands the visual art of storytelling through character and song, while following voice/movement direction far beyond her years.

Cassidy loves to sing, dance, model and act, adopting a casual, instinctive approach towards entertaining and able to hit all the right notes virtually on cue. Other than Les Misérables, she has always nabbed lead or supporting status in roles for short films such as Sydney Film School (SFS)’s “Memories of Jack” and “ANON” in 2013, an Anonymous Productions TV pilot “A Soapie Reality” in 2011 as well as pulling heartstrings as an orphan in a 2012 and 2013 national tour of “Oliver!” and “Annie”. In addition, she won plaudits as Best Supporting Actress in a 2012 play “A Pirate Game” and was a finalist in Tamblyn’s Young Model Search 2013. Indeed, Cassidy may have notched an impressive list of credits to her name but she remains funny, kind, friendly and most of all reliable, picking up on a natural chemistry with just about anyone in the cast.

She is currently home-schooled with four other siblings, whom she is close to, in outer Western Sydney. Meanwhile, she attends performing arts courses like Commotion School of Performing Arts and Kim’s Dance Academy (KDA) being trained in tap, ballet and acrobatics, all over Australia. For Cassidy, it’s the best kind of education to nurture highly her dogged sense of individualism as she chooses to juggle both demands on stage and in a classroom with much ease, mobility and flexibility. Shipping between Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland on a semi-regular basis, it is safe to say that Cassidy can almost be in three places at once!

At the same time, this growing, talented young artist never fails to lose sight of what makes it fun – which is to perform before the thrill and excitement of an enraptured audience in an industry that she truly loves.

Catherine Orr


As a young adult, Catherine Orr can never just do one thing at a time. She brings a sense of humour and delight wherever she goes.

Catherine has been performing since the age of four in traditional Thai dance, figure skating and acting. She became passionate about utilising her creative platform to advocate for other women of colour. As well as obtaining an Advanced Diploma of Acting for Contemporary Screen Media (Scholarship) from Sydney Actors School, she also trained in filmmaking, voice acting and sound design.

Born to Thai and Scottish parents and living in Sydney, Catherine often has found herself between the three cultures. She found comfort in her own imagination, and from there grew her love of storytelling. She believes that her multi-national heritage and bilingual upbringing provides her with a unique perspective on the creative industry.

A qualified coach and choreographer, Catherine has also been a competitive figure skater for over 10 years.

Website: https://catherineorr0.wixsite.com/catherineorr-acting

Cathryn McDonald

Cathryn McDonald 503578

As a child, Cathryn McDonald’s greatest ambition was to become a clown, frequently donning a red nose and suspenders and performing in the driveway for her biggest fan, Fatso the cat. Brought up on a steady diet of Get Smart, Fawlty Towers and Monty Python (to name a few), Cathryn inherited her sense of humour from her father and love of musicals from her mother.

Having graduated from the Music Theatre program at Federation University in 2016, she is happy to report that her audience now extends further than the family cat. During her time at the Arts Academy, Cathryn’s performance highlights have included playing the role of Mabel in “The Pajama Game”, Kee in “Vincent An A Capella Opera” and Alice Beineke in her third year graduating musical “The Addams Family”. She has also had the pleasure of performing in masterclasses with audition specialist Michael Lavine and Natalie Gamsu, as well as playing the roles of Duke of York and Margaret in a performative reading of an adapted Shakespeare work “Margaret of Anjou”.

Passionate about writing and creating her own work, Cathryn recently performed an original sketch comedy piece “Malteasers and Chill”, in which she directed and co-wrote with her friend Emma Austin for the Arts Academy’s Student Theatre Festival. In early 2016, Cathryn debuted her self-devised cabaret “Baby Got Paperback”—a quirky, pun-filled peek into the life of a chronically single, cat-loving, book nerd with a surprising gift for stand-up comedy. After performing to audiences in Ballarat and Melbourne, she was selected to extend her cabaret for the Ballarat Cabaret Festival’s In Development Program. In the future, Cathryn hopes to continue developing her cabaret and stand-up routine as well as pursuing sketch comedy writing for stage and TV.


Cerise Kellie

CeriseKellie Head ShotHS

In 2016, Cerise Kellie graduated from the Australian Institute of Music with a Bachelor of Music majoring in music theatre. She has performed as an intelligent but curious android Vicki, in the original Australian musical “Vicki”. She loves to write and is especially inspired by horror after her work as a scare actor with Luna Park. She has played several roles in their annual “Halloscream” events including Silent Hill-inspired nurse; a creepy white doll; zombie swing and the witch from Hansel & Gretel.

Cerise has toured New South Wales with Hunted Interactive for the interactive horror plays “Wrecked” and “Rising Waters”. She played diverse roles including Eliza, a cockney seamstress from a shipwreck and Annabelle, a young girl murdered through her own naïve misdeeds.

Cerise was drawn to film and TV work after her training with acting coaches, Les Chantery and Ben Mathews.

She appeared in both Season 13 & 14 of the crime re-enactment television series “Deadly Women”. Performing as Sophie Lionnet, a French nanny murdered by her paranoid hosts, and as Nicole Didomizio, daughter of the American killer Loretta Burroughs. She aims to continue writing and developing her acting craft through her own projects, exploring unique roles and Australian stories that excite an audience.

Chad Richards


Perth born, Chad is a trained actor, presenter, voiceover artist and assistant director who has been steadily working in the industry for more than a decade. He graduated from Ensemble Theatre with a Diploma in Performing Arts and has performed in many stage shows, feature films, TVCs and television series.

Chad specialises in sketch comedy working closely with Bullet Pudding--and tends to take the mickey out of himself in such material “Grab Love by the Balls!”, “The Easter Incident” (2017), “The Supplier” (2016) and “Danger! Danger! Danger! Silica Roulette!” (2015). However, when he buckles down, he is capable of audacious versatility and range across the spectrum of human emotion. From playing small, authoritative roles as Detective “A Place to Call Home” (2017) and “Deadly Women” (2016), Police Officer in both “Murder in the Outback” and “BlackJack” (2007) and even a double for Richard Roxburgh’s character Cleaver in “The Rake” (2017).

A well-traveled family man with a project managerial background and who renovates houses for a living, Chad can lose himself in every role yet none of that coveted, dogged, seemingly ageless charm and enthusiasm—both on screen and in real life.

Charlotte Lawson


Charlotte Lawson is an exciting emerging artist on the Melbourne scene. As a talented vocalist, she has recently returned from China, with the Australian International Opera Company on “The Sounds of Hollywood” tour.

Charlotte graduated from Federation University’s Arts Academy in Ballarat with a degree in Music Theatre in 2015.

Her credits at The Arts Academy include “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, “Urinetownand “The Mystery of Edwin Drood”in which she played The Princess Puffer. She was also selected to work with leading figure in Australian Musical Theatre Nancye Hayes in “Riches, Romance and Rebellion” showcased at the 2015 MEAA Conference at WAAPA. Her self-written cabaret “The F_____ Word” saw two successful seasons, both in Ballarat and in Melbourne. 

In 2016 saw Charlotte hit the Music Theatre scene by featuring on the Original Cast Album of “The White Mouse”, also a New Australian Musical, and appeared in Matthew Robinson’s 2016 New Voices Workshop.

Website: www.charlottelawson.com

Chase Lee


Born in South Korea and raised in Australia since childhood, Acclaimed Actor/Filmmaker Chase Lee is a very achieved and hard-working Actor that began his career with Story Writing and putting together his own Scripts, due to his ethnicity in his country that hindered him from obtaining auditions or being cast. 

This manifested Chase to set his sights on Indie Filmmaking. While pursuing it on a zero budget, he diligently began teaching himself Producing and Directing completely on his own. And quickly began to hone a very dynamic and advanced level craft in the Art of Filmmaking.

In late 2008, Chase joined a training program at The Actors Pulse, run by Billy Millionis. He received mentorship from Billy Millionis, Luke Ford (“Home and Away”, “The Mummy”, “Animal Kingdom”), Melissa Bonne (“Janet King”) and Jeremy Shadlow (“Old School”). For the last 10 years he has been training in the Meisner Technique from the great Sandy.

Some of Chase’s current influences range from Hong Sang Soo, Roland Barthes and Richard Linklater.

Currently, Chase is working as an International Film Producer in Advertisement, and is actively pursuing Directing and Acting film roles. He is also in the early stages of his upcoming debut feature film, “This is Bliss”.

Chase’s entire current Filmography and projects in the making can be found on IMDB or at www.actorchaselee.com.


Cheryl Craig


Cheryl has been performing in Australia for over 25 years. Born in Detroit, Michigan and currently residing in Sydney; she has vast experience in both stage and screen. Starting in the early 90's, she was performing in Musical Theatre in the show "Buddy Holly" and “Sisterella”, and has been singing and performing with various bands and vocal groups since then.

Cheryl’s acting roles include various commercials and short films and had featured roles on two films “The School” (2017) and “Harmony” (2016). She is interested in pursuing more acting roles.

In 2017 Cheryl became an assistant Musical Director for a Gospel A Capella Choir (Café of the Gate of Salvation).

Chezia Atmadja


From the moment  Chezia Atmadja saw her first musical film, she promised herself that she would do her best to become a musical theatre actress. Her immense passion and desire led her to take as many lessons and activities as possible to become closer to her dream.

Throughout her training, Chezia became known as a triple threat in school productions such as “Annie”, “Les Miserables”, and “Hairspray”. Wanting to gain more experience, she auditioned for professional theatrical productions in her teenage years, eventually becoming the youngest adult cast member in locally-produced “Ariah” and West End tour’s “The Sound of Music” where her willingness to learn as well as her professionalism were appreciated by colleagues and the creative team alike.

Chezia joined the Indonesian Youth Cordana Choir in several international tours, performing Indonesian traditional song-and-dance repertoires from all over the archipelago. Furthermore, her soprano voice impressed several internationally-acclaimed choral conductors who consequently invited her to participate in international choirs, even entrusting her as one of the soloists.

Ultimately, Chezia’s goal as a performer is to work with many different professionals and experts in the international performing arts industry. Likewise, she hopes to introduce the rich and colourful cultural heritage of her homeland, Indonesia.

Chiew-Jin Khut

Chiew JinKhut

Chiew-Jin has a Bachelor of Theatre (Musical Theatre) from Central Queensland University (Conservatorium of Music) and a Diploma of Musical Theatre from APO Arts Academy. After her studies she packed up a suitcase and moved to London, only to return to Australia at the end of 2017. 

Chiew-Jin has played the role of Lily in “Legacy of the Tiger Mother”, a satirical musical about Asian parenting for Adelaide Fringe Festival 2012. And been involved in a developmental piece “The Red Pinafore” (Various People Inc.) based on a true story about the dawn of modern multicultural Australia, Adelaide Festival Centre’s InSPACE programme 2014.

In 2018 Chiew-Jin ventured into the amateur musical theatre scene in Melbourne and was thrilled be cast in both of Babirra’s shows, “Singin’ In the Rain” and “Dusty”. 2019 saw her develop an idea that she’d been sitting on into a 30-minute self-devised cabaret show as part of the July edition of the Cabaret Showcase in Melbourne, which she hopes to develop further and present on the Fringe circuit. 

Chinie Concepcion

Chinie Concepcion Pink Maxi

Chinie Concepcion is a triple threat with immeasurable and decisive experience in dancing, singing and acting. At a tender age of 9, she began showing off her performing chops to family and friends before blossoming into a professional career at only 19 years old.

Chinie moved to Singapore from Manila upon receiving a scholarship to study musical theatre at LASALLE College of the Arts. She was henceforth accepted into the program and accelerated straight to Level 2 by a year. She counts professors and mentors Aubrey Mellor, Tony Knight and Amanda Colliver as influential to her success. She graduated with first class BA HONS in May 2014.

In her homeland of the Philippines, Chinie is known within the dance community as one of the pioneers of 'LA-style' (or commercial) hip-hop. In recent years, after choreographing and dancing in several major shows in this genre, she shifted her focus to theatre.

Chinie has built up a vast and extraordinary body of work in musicals, straight plays, commercials, music videos, corporate shows, events and TV shows that became as gorgeously malleable, irreverent, infectious and warm as the next. Her star turn in ABC 5’s “Shall We Dance” on Filipino television was recognised for perfectly mastered showmanship—or should that be ‘showwomanship’?

In addition to these plucked strings to her bow, Chinie has mastered the following vocal and dance styles of jazz, tap, ballet, tango and even breakdancing, to name a few, noting her gymnastics background as an advantage. She is a key performer of the One Night Stand cabaret, which she co-produces once a month.

Chloe Rhee


Originally from Korea, Chloe Rhee is a Sydney-based commercial model and actor with a vast range of experience in TVCs, stills campaigns, photography and lifestyle/property/corporate/training videos.

With a well-balanced lifestyle, Chloe is fit and healthy, with a commitment to regular exercise including yoga, swimming and running. She possesses natural warmth, a great smile and a strong screen presence, which connects and resonates well with viewers.

Chloe is grateful to be on any set, while being able to discharge her job in a highly professional yet passionate manner. She hopes to evolve her acting substantially, recognising more television and film opportunities that proudly reflects her Asian culture and who she is.

Chloe Towan


Chloe Towan is a Melbourne-based actor, singer and writer. She studied musical theatre and dance at APO Arts Academy for three years, graduating in 2015. Since then, she has performed in a variety of productions including musicals, Shakespeare, immersive theatre, sketch comedy, children’s theatre and film and television. Chloe loves being able to transform herself into a character that will leave a lasting impact on the audience, whether through comedy or tragedy!

Chloe also plays a number of instruments including piano, piano accordion, ukulele and guitar. She has played her instruments whilst acting in various shows, including Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s “Twelfth Night” and David Butler Studios’ “Mad World”.

A writer herself, Chloe is also extremely passionate about supporting new voices and creating an inclusive theatre environment. As a founding member of Antipodes Theatre Company, she has also worked closely with the company to help create new opportunities for creatives in Melbourne. In 2020, an immersive theatre piece that she co-wrote was selected for the company’s Winter Development Retreat.

Christine Melki



Christine Melki is a Lebanese single devoted mother of two. Although she has always loved acting and performing, a brain aneurysm in 2014 halted her aspirations. Despite some lingering linguistic processing and speech issues, she has renewed a fire in her belly and a determination to live her life her way.

While Christine may not be able to recite text from a script and has limited use of her right hand, it won’t yet stop her from featuring on screen with an expressive face, crazy curly hair and improvisational potential. She is eager to get back on the horse whether it being able to drive a car for an insurance service, smiling for print or enjoying a delicious burger for a fast-food franchise commercial, or appearing as an extra on a TV series or film.

Indeed, the accident has taught her that time waits for no man—or woman.

Christopher Hamilton


Christopher began his professional career in “The Pirates of Penzance” (VSO) followed by “The Venetian Twins” (Perth Playhouse) and toured locally and overseas in Melvyn Morrow’s “A Song to Sing O”. He completed a season of “Aspects of Love” (WTWP) at the Hayes Theatre and a new musical “Noli Me Tangere” (McFadden Music) at the Riverside Theatre.

Christopher appeared regularly as a guest soloist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for their popular family concerts, where he sang a wide variety of music including opera, operetta, Gilbert & Sullivan and narrated the ever-popular “Peter and The Wolf”.

Christopher has also appeared in productions of “Les Misérables” (Javert), “The Phantom of the Opera” (Andre), “Merrily We Roll Along” (Joe), “Beauty & the Beast” (Lumiere), “The Hatpin” (Charles Makin), “Annie” (FDR) and “Aida” (Zoser) at the Riverside Theatre, Parramatta.

At the Laycock Street Theatre Christopher has appeared in “The Scarlet Pimpernel” (Percy), “Paris” (Agamemnon) “Chicago” (Billy Flynn,) “Spamalot” (King Arthur), “The Producers” (Roger de Bris) and “La Cage Aux Folles” (Georges)

Christopher directed the award-winning cabaret “UNSEEN: The Marni Nixon Story” at the Hayes Theatre.

Christopher Nehme


Christopher Nehme’s ‘soul-searching’ journey has taken him along many different careers and qualifications that include being an Information Technology Support Analyst, Metal Fabricator, and more recently Aircraft Technician. Despite wearing these smart, tough and hands-on hats, he has finally landed on where it matters most to him: Acting & Voice Over.

Since Christopher started his new chapter in the arts from late 2015, he has starred and involved himself on a string of Films, TV, TV Commercials, and Theatre. Most notably to date, he has been cast on a new local gripping television show “The Commons”, working alongside Joanne Froggatt and Director Jeff Walker.

Christopher plans to capitalise on this momentum to broaden his on-screen trajectory and feels that ICACM is best positioned to serve his sense of ‘being free to be’ himself and sense of fulfilment. This epiphany, coupled with a soft-of-heart desire and intrigue to leave his audience with a considerably memorable footprint, is the aspect that surely would launch this Lebanese Australian into the steadily professional league.

Cindy Giang


Cindy Giang is Asian-Australian who was once a geophysicist by day. For nearly a decade she survived in cyclonic rains in Fiji; found her feet in PNG earthquakes; traipsed through muddy terrains; battled the oven-like nature of the desert; and swung a sledgehammer for weeks on end across Australia. These experiences providing her with a unique perspective as a young Asian female in a very labour-intensive industry, she hopes to layer them into her performance as an actor.

In this new life, Cindy has spent the last few years transitioning into the exciting world of storytelling through intensive training at some of the best schools in the United States. Adaptable, committed and tough, she is fluent in Vietnamese, played the flute throughout high school, taught herself piano and is learning hip-hop and martial arts.

Cindy is passionate about the acting craft and an advocate for authentic POC representation in the media. In the future she hopes to establish herself as a filmmaker in areas of writing, producing and directing.

Website: https://www.cindygiang.com/

Claudette Clarke

ClaudetteClarke Headshot2020

Claudette Clarke is an Actor of African-Caribbean heritage. Growing up in London, she had come to largely identify as a ‘Black British’ Actor of the United Kingdom. As a Sydney-based resident, one has to glance at her portfolio to appreciate the breadth and aptitude of her work in universally-loved classic adaptations particularly “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “Doubt”, “The Crucible”, “The Clink” and “The History Boys”.

Claudette’s work includes multi-ethnic ensemble development pieces, dealing with prejudice and community struggles, such as “The African Theatre Project” and “My Name is Sud”. She has a powerful stage presence, steadfastly commanding the space and adapting comfortably to different accents: Creole, Cockney, British, and American, as required.

Claudette’s breadth of experience includes TV, Film and TV Commercials.

Claudia Acosta



Claudia Acosta was born in Peru, and is of Spanish, South American and Italian descent. Now a proud permanent Australian resident (with full time work rights), her exotic, mixed ethnic looks will stand her in good stead in terms of contributing to diversity on screen. She plans to gain more experience in TV commercials as well as learning about the exciting world of filmmaking as an extra.

She is enthused in Latin dancing including salsa and Bachata, hoping to bring that distinctive combination of beauty, sensuality, complexity and joy to our shores!

Clayton Turner



Clayton Turner graduated the Bachelor of Musical Theatre course at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University in 2018. During his time in the course he has performed the roles of Adam in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”; was a Featured Ensemble member in “Fame the Musical; played Officer Krupke in “West Side Story” and portrayed John Brooke in “Little Women”.

Clayton regards himself as a mature and well-rounded person, who is always looking forward and striving for excellence in all aspects of performing

Clelia Niyikiza

Clelia Niyikiza 4

Ever since arriving in Sydney and leaving behind her worried family and hometown of Seattle, Clelia Niyikiza in two months has been in demand. The African-American expat has found herself thrust into a Hollywood blockbuster production “Gods of Egypt” directed by Alex Proyas and starring Gerard Butler and Geoffrey Rush.

To date, Clelia has performed in fairytale classics “The Jungle Book” and “Snow White” for Bellevue Youth Theatre when she was 15. Following that, she trained in Celebrity Actors Camp, a Hollywood-based TV and film program collectively boasting unparalleled and invaluable experience of casting directors Joey Paul Jensen, Lisa London, Catherine Sroud, Brandi Brice and Larry Lafond. A quick and impressionable learner, she also received intense and varied coaching from celebrities Adrian R’Mante (‘CSI’, ‘24’, ‘The Suite Life’), Giovannie Samuels (‘Freedom Writers’, ‘Bring it On: All or Nothing’, ‘The Suite Life’), Walter Perez (‘Fame, ‘Friday Night Lights’), Phill Lewis (‘Scrubs’, ‘Yes, Dear’, Suite Life on Deck’) and others.

Due to commitments to a demanding high school workload and extracurricular activities, Clelia is only beginning to get back on the horse as she derives the most enjoyment from acting. She took dance classes in hip-hop, jazz and contemporary. She is also keen and confident to transition into modelling, which suits her rounded, ardent, independent and soldiering-on personality.

Most connected to nature, seaside scenery and travel, the camera intuitively picks up on all these qualities as soon as the sun shines on her. Already Clelia is reaping the fruits of being in the entertainment industry by developing leadership qualities, self-confidence and the best possible head start in life.

Constance Khoo

ConstanceKhoo 45

Constance Khoo is an articulate presenter and actor who is passionate about seeing more representation on stage and screen. She has theatre and screen training from Amsterdam and Sydney including NIDA, Darlo Drama and Cultereel Studenten Centrum.

Constance has co-produced a talk-show called “The Convo Couch” in which she is a presenter and interviewer of diverse Australian talent such as Darren Yap and Renee Lam. She has also worked as an assistant/director for independent plays.

Cristiana Ladera-Bispo

CristianaLadera Bispo

With her love for music and dance, Sydney-born Cristiana Ladera-Bispo is one of the most exciting upcoming child performers. With a Capoeira Master and Black belt BJJ for her father and a Dancer/Capoeira Artist for her mother as well 3 big brothers that are martial arts enthusiasts in their own right, she is a little artist who wants to prove that she can do what her brothers can.

Cristiana enjoys dancing, singing, modelling and playing. As the youngest capoeira girl at the school, she trains and plays capoeira regularly. She has her own sense of style and loves fashion. She enjoys playing outdoors, being active, and having fun.

With her exotic background, she is sure to represent your brand with pride. Cristiana values family, gratitude and love.

Cristiano Ladera-Bispo

CristianoLadera Bispo

With the biggest smile you’ll see, Sydney-born Cristiano Ladera-Bispo is one of the most exciting upcoming child performers today. With a Capoeira Master and Black Belt BJJ for his father and a Dancer/Capoeira Artist for his mother as well as 2 big brothers that are martial arts enthusiasts in their own right, he is on his way to becoming a dream acrobat performer.

His talent includes playing traditional Brazilian instruments Berimbau, Atabaque and Pandiero. Cristiano plays Capoeira and proudly shows his culture around the Australia community, corporations and schools. He enjoys playing outdoors, being active and having fun.

With his exotic background, he is sure to represent your brand with pride. Cristiano values family, love, gratitude and generosity.

Daisy-Rose Coppola

Daisy Rose CoppolaHS20178

Growing up in Melbourne, Daisy-Rose Coppola moved to Hobart upon receiving a dance/music scholarship from St Michael’s Collegiate School, Centre for the Performing Arts. There she furthered her love for the theatre—and with hard work, was then prompted to follow her passion for the arts to Federation University Arts Academy.

Daisy-Rose’s university credits include “Showtrain” (Jacob) directed by Anthony Crowley; “Bye Bye Birdie” (Deborah-Sue Merkle) directed by Sara Grenfell; “Rent” (Mrs Jefferson/ Understudy for Maureen) directed by Jeremy Stanford, and “Sweeney Todd” (Beggar Woman/ Lucy) directed by James Cutler. She has also had the opportunity to write her first cabaret “All Grown Nup!” under the supervision of Fiona Scott-Norman.

Dani River King

Dani River KingHS

Dani River King (they/them) is an apologetically proud autistic—neurodivergent—queer and non-binary person, whose uniqueness shows promise within the current climate of the entertainment industry. They practice as an exhibiting ceramics artist on Gadigal Land in Sydney, who find value in the never-ending art of self-expression and creativity. In addition to their experience in modelling, acting and performing, they have active, strong skills in gymnastics and skateboarding.

With a holistic, patient and neurodiverse community-oriented outlook on life, Dani also happens to be an award-winning slam poet thriving on positivity, honesty and relatability from their audiences.

Website: https://danirking.wixsite.com/ceramics

Daniel Tompson


Daniel Tompson is a recent graduate from NIDA’s Diploma of Musical Theatre program and was also a graduate from UNSW, having completed a Bachelor of Arts – Creative Writing and Performance Arts.

He has been a part of numerous shows with different theatre companies, including roles with NUTS and MTS. He has directed theatre, and acted in short films and commercials. Alongside his acting, Daniel is an established singer and mover, honing in on his skills during his time at NIDA, under the tutelage of musical icons such as Phillip Quast and Simon Burke.

Daniel Trenkovski

Daniel TrenovskiHS

Daniel Trenkovski is a young Melbourne-based actor and singer, keen to make his presence known within the industry. Starting out with school productions his love for the craft of acting has increased exponentially, driving his passion for performing.

This love has taken him across the city of Melbourne performing in a wide variety of different mediums, mainly favouring film and stage. As a character-driven actor, Daniel is driven by roles that allows him to demonstrate his superb acting skills, notably from heart-wrenching dramas such as “Hydra” (2024); classic Australian comedies such as “Cosi” (2023) and traditional adventure tales such as “Robin Hood” (2022), as well as comedy films such as “The Swap” (2023) and dramas such as “Oblivion” (2023). These productions have taken him to being nominated for Victorian Drama League Awards as well as entrants into film festivals such as The Jewish International Film Festival and Milan Film Festival.

Now joined with ICACM, Daniel is keen to start engaging with larger roles and bigger productions, making his mark in the industry and the craft which he loves so much.

Danielle Hancock


Danielle Hancock is a Sydney-based actress, model and presenter. With a European and Australian heritage, she grew up immersing herself in the performing arts from a young age involving years of dance and drama training. That was when she knew that she had a spark for performance which was expressed mainly through her years of dance training. In 2008, she travelled to New Zealand for the New Zealand Salsa Congress, as well as performing in the Sydney Salsa Congress the following year.

At the age of 15, Danielle auditioned and won a half-scholarship to train at the Actors Pulse in the teen class. For two and a half years she studied the Meisner technique at this institution, learning the fundamentals of acting and performance. After high school, she had the opportunity to study full-time at Academy of Film Theatre & Television (AFTT). There, she had the privilege to work with directors/actors including Lex Marinos, Sean O’Riordan, Winston Cooper and Luke Rodgers. 

In her two years of training Danielle had the opportunity to work on a number of stage productions in relation to Shakespeare and contemporary American theatre. She performed at the Belvoir St Theatre production of “100 Reasons for War” directed by Luke Rodgers in 2018.

As well as theatre training, Danielle trained for screen acting, generally with the Eric Morris technique and was involved in various short/indie films.

In 2018, Danielle was a corporate presenter for a number of demonstration videos for the company Autoslide as well as presenting and demonstrating for Korean skincare brand “Cemoy 21-Day Night Serum”. She modelled in print for companies including Polka Dot Bride, Designer Labels on Sale and briefly a fitting model for General Pants Co.

Danielle is consistently training and honing her craft particularly in film and television, continuing to build her skills as an actor.

<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/345386136" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen></iframe><p><a href="https://vimeo.com/345386136">Danielle Hancock actor showreel (updated)</a> from <a href="https://vimeo.com/user32937285">Danielle Hancock</a> on <a href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Danielle Robinson

Danielle Robinson2022HS

Danielle Robinson is an experienced Australian actor and singer based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Having been trained privately by acclaimed NIDA Acting and Accent Coach Claire Crowther, and earlier by the Cairns Theatre Company, Danielle has storied experience in musical theatre and television that goes beyond the listed credits.

As a versatile performer, Danielle completely immerses herself in the role that she is playing. She is exemplarily disciplined so as to ensure that her skills and craft are up to scratch. Meanwhile, she prides herself on her style and freshens up her physical health in between productions. Punctual and professional, she works well with other creative cast members.

Daryl Morante


Hailing from the Philippines, Daryl Morante was raised in a culture where Filipino dance was not only an acceptable and rewarded form of grace, precision, tempo and passion, it was also a commodity: a passageway to the world where celebrity, fashion, luxury and fame beckoned a natural born entertainer.

Daryl (also known as D.Mo) has more than 20 years of showbusiness experience. While he taught and learnt at the most prestigious schools in LA, Brisbane and Sydney where he now resides, he is more reputed for his natural groove in hip-hop, due to picking up the moves from many 90’s music videos. He also received technical training in jazz, ballet and contemporary for two years. His versatility extends with professional experiences working in Bollywood, Classical Indian, Dancehall, Afro Dance, K-Pop and Filipino Folk, adding to his enormous versatility and commercial viability. 

Daryl has contributed his expertise in dance in a large array of professional work. For his most noticeable moment, he recently was contracted as the lead role for the live theatrical adaptation of the popular “Step Up” movie franchise playing for Motiongate, Dubai. A high-octane show where the main character required stamina, star quality and advanced dance skill. Some of his other greatest achievements were as a principle dancer for the approved “Michael Jackson Legacy Tour” starring William Hall—learning all of MJ’s moves to a tee. He was the movement coach and choreographer for X-Factor’s boy band The Collective and has contributed choreography for “So You Think You Can Dance Australia” (2014). In addition, he is in one of Australia’s best Bollywood dance companies called Sirens Dance.

Since 2010 Daryl has applied some of these same colourful, showy and breezy gestures into modelling, commercials and television. He scored the hero role for the 2014 “ISUZU D-Max 4WD” commercial. He opened the hair & fashion runway “Redken’s Next Generation Show” and closed a show for famous Filipino designer Joyce Penãs Pilarsky. He also has a desire to explore and extend his skillset into fitness modelling.

In the future, with a huge repertoire that is no joke—whether he has heat under his heels or not—fear Daryl’s oeuvre.

Dave Bloom


A happily retired ‘silver fox’ residing in Paddington, NSW, Dave Bloom was originally from England. University-educated, he became an architect. Nowadays he has embraced the acting craft; he works well with kids and families, loves to dance and can project a sophisticated successful image. He is comfortable being typecast as an aggressive, angry or reflective character; a gentle, polished corporate professional; a grandad; a carefree rebel (who owns his own getaway motorcycle!) or perhaps a butler type with an international refined accent. He has been often told that he is mistaken for ‘someone else’!

Dave has a dancing background in ballroom, with a dash of Fred Astaire. In addition, he is both a presenter and fashion model who is proud of his athletic muscular build. Taking direction well, dependable and undeniably passionate about the industry, he believes that he is a good ‘vehicle’ for the agency vision, especially with this aging society.

David Mark Farrington

David Mark Farrington Head Shot 2015

Springing out of a dynamic collision of the performing arts, film and theatre in human rights, David Mark Farrington is a unique actor, writer-director and creative producer who has emerged on the Australian landscape in recent years working between the frames of his production company and the mainstream industry.

A British-Australian working in London and Melbourne over the past decade, David pioneered at a national level the role of live performance in theatre-in-education for young LGBTQIA+ people. After working in documentaries for LGBTQIA+ communities in London, in 2013 he established Australia's first funded experimental theatre company social enterprise, Universal Difference, for creating equality & inclusion for sexuality and gender different Australians thru film and live performance.

Spotlighted early on in his dramatic art training as truly 'an actor to watch', David made his significant stage acting debut at several of Victoria's high-profile state festivals with major productions in the Castlemaine State and Midsumma festivals in addition to new works in the Melbourne Fringe festival. Other than the Eagles Nest Theatre Schools Program he has toured with his funded company performing in ensemble works in school tours, national conferences and regional festivals throughout Victoria.

His work has enjoyed international interest in Canada with the 2013 dramedy “Include the Rainbow”. In 2014-2015, he received an Arts Victoria Actors Residency Grant and HEY Grant for improvisation and performance work with primary schools throughout Victoria.

David’s screen acting debut began with an even bigger bang with his first two feature films “Innuendo” and “Westermaark Effect” by Finnish director Saara Lamberg. The former was selected into the centrepoint of international cinema—the Cannes Film Festival in France in 2017 and 2020, as well as winning the illustrious Fine Arts Film Festival in 2019 in the US with global distribution acquired via Umbrella Entertainment.

In 2021, David directed and acted in the arthouse documentary “Queer@Cannes” filmed in France, framed at exposing the realities of contemporary ‘queerness’, equality and inclusivity in the international film industry. This won the Grand Jury Prize at the Direct Monthly Film Festival in the US and Best Experimental Film at the Pune International Queer film Festival in India and was selected into 13 mainstream and queer film festivals across Europe and North America in 2021-2022. Building on this success, David received a Writers Victoria and the Grace Marion Wilson Trust Grant to direct an interactive digital and live art show across Victoria exploring inclusive LGBTQIA story telling for writers of all genres.

2022 heralded a dynamic of year of new work in Europe and Australia. The year began with casting in a British mockumentary filmed in France; attending the “Westermaarck Effect” debut at the Cannes Film Festival as an actor; working on projects in London and at Monkey Barrel Comedy in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; followed by an invitation to showcase “Queer@Cannes” as a guest speaker at the Borders Queer Film Festival in Scotland.

In late 2022, David returned to Australia and the stage, playing the lead role of a traumatised truckie in the innovative cabaret “Truck” directed by Koshka's Kat Pengally, funded by Regional Arts Victoria as part of the Nati Frinj Biennial.

David is an intuitive character actor by nature, driven by his deep love of the craft, a commitment to work hard and an ethos to always learn more as a contemporary working artist. His natural eccentricity, brooding intensity and flair for experimentation has given him a distinctive presence on stage or set as a versatile and dependable character actor across a diversity of genre's and formats, On the other side of the lens, his directorial style is arresting and compelling, as a captivating documentary maker, who energetically and playfully asks the big questions about the changing nature of our contemporary queer reality.

Declan Carter


Originally from Sydney, Declan Carter is honoured to have trained with such a passionate group of performers at the Arts Academy. He has roots in classical voice and acting, as well as a keen interest in improvisational comedy and writing. Performance highlights at the Arts Academy include “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” (Chairman/Mayor Sapsa), “Thoroughly Modern Millie (Muzzy’s Boy), “Urinetown) (Senator Fipp), as well as performing his own cabaret “#NOFILTER” at Melbourne’s Hares and Hyenas. Declan also worked under the direction of Nancye Hayes (OAM) performing in “Riches, Romance and Rebellion” (Yern).

In 2017-2018, Declan is excited to join the cast of beloved kids’ musical “Paw Patrol LIVE” on an Asia-Pacific tour as villain Mayor Humdinger.

Dee Sinnarkar

DeeSinnarkarHS2021 4

Dee Sinnarkar is a Sydney-based singer, model, actor, songwriter & performer. She is blessed with a youthful, enthusiastic and single-minded attitude as well as strong heritage roots.

Although Dee’s strength is in singing mainstream pop/dance, RnB and Bollywood, she has an unequivocal passion for all genres. Her songs have received great attention having over 40,000 views on YouTube, aired on TV channels and promoted by Tourism Australia.

Up until now, Dee has acted in lead roles for prestigious brand TVCs including Visa Asia, Holden Australia, NSW Transport, Woolworths and Homeworld respectively. Trained from world-class institutions such as NIDA & New York Film Academy, she has put her lessons to good use by starring in a few films and TV series alongside showbiz names the likes of Jackie Chan, Jessica Mauboy, Elisabeth Moss and Rodger Corser.

If that wasn’t enough, Dee is also a poet who has been awarded for the best poem in an American competition, and used to write for Hallmark cards in India. She is a massive nature lover, enjoys photography and is a tomboy at heart.

Dee continues to seek great opportunities and like-minded people to work within the entertainment Industry favouring music, filming, modelling and commercials.

Delphine Le Moine


Delphine Le MoineHS2

Delphine Le Moine has been an accomplished actress and model in Paris since 2005. Over the course of her career both in Australia and France she has appeared in many TV commercials including “Diet Coke”, “Volkswagen” and “My Dog” respectively. She also was in the television series “Camping Paradise” (2019) and the feature film “Fragile(s)” (2007).

For fifteen years, Delphine played the role of Wendy in the musical comedy “Peter Pan” at the famous Bobino theater in Paris. 

Now with her sights set on Sydney, Delphine is bringing her culture and warm, enthusiastic, disciplined attitude into the world of advertising, print, television, film and voiceover.

Website: https://delphinelemoine.book.fr/

Deniz Yildirim

Deniz YildirimHS

Deniz Yildirim is a versatile actor and model, with roots tracing back to the vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey, where he was born and raised. Growing up with a unique blend of European and Asian heritage, Deniz discovered his passion for performance at an early age, initially expressing himself through dance during his formative years in elementary school. 

However, it was during his high school years that Deniz found his true calling in the world of theater. Fuelled by a deep-seated passion for the craft, he honed his skills and talents, laying the foundation for what would become a promising career in the performing arts.

In 2018, Deniz made the pivotal decision to embark on a new chapter of his journey by relocating to Australia. Under the guidance of esteemed mentor Rachael Blake, he delved into the realm of screen acting, embracing the challenges and opportunities that came his way with unwavering determination.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and growth, Deniz furthered his education at Screenwise, immersing himself in a rigorous showreel course that equipped him with the tools and techniques essential for success in the competitive world of film and television.

Since graduating, Deniz has left an indelible mark on the industry, captivating audiences with his compelling performances across a diverse range of projects. From poignant dramas to light-hearted comedies, he has showcased his versatility and range, earning acclaim for his nuanced portrayals.

Derya Ucar


Derya Ucar came to Australia in 2015. She was a professional actress in Turkey, who starred in numerous TV series, films, commercials and theatrical productions as well as modelling. When she first arrived in Sydney, she did not know one word of English. However, after attending English classes, she nailed it!

Born to Spanish and Armenian parents, Derya grew up in Istanbul and can speak both Turkish and Spanish respectively. Her love for acting and movies was inspired by her time at theatre university in her homeland. Throughout her career, she has always played the part of a good and innocent character and is generally very good at comedy. However, she wants to branch out and play a psychopathic character who is sneaky, obsessive and overly passionate.

Derya’s overall dream is to be a successful actress in Australia—and she will be.

Desak-Dewa Ayu Sri Hartati


From a small village in Bali to sailing a boat to Australia, Desak (Dewa Ayu Sri Hartati) has lived a life of colour and adventure. Balinese culture is intimately linked to art and storytelling so she grew up learning dance and the traditions of the epic Ramayama. This background fueled an interest in theatre and film.

Desak is a trained makeup artist and loves using the human face as a palate to create character. Her artistic and cultural heritage landed her a role in the 2017 TV series “True Story with Hamish and Andy”. She is thrilled to be part of the emerging multicultural face of entertainment in Australia.

Destiny Too

Destiny TooHS

Born and raised in Sydney’s south-west to Samoan parents, Destiny Too developed an appreciation for theatre/performance growing up as the eldest of three daughters, keeping her siblings entertained with role playing games and bringing about laughter in the house.

Destiny re-discovered her passion for acting and enrolled herself into Sydney Theatre School for the Diploma of Acting course in 2020. She continued studying at Sydney Theatre School to obtain her advanced diploma and her credits include playing Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” as Tybalt, Jade Ryan in “The Warren” and other versatile characters.

Destiny’s hope for her career is to be able to portray a variety of roles while representing her home and culture. There are many stories to tell and she hopes to be a part of telling them.

Devon Campbell


Devon Campbell is a revelatory star turn, bringing her admirable best and spunk to every performance. From Clara in “The Invisible Girl & her Pill” a semi-autobiographical work exploring the vulnerability of living with an invisible disability (2021) to a 16-year old Iphigina with a deteriorating God complex (“Lost Children of War: The Cycle” (2019)).

Devon encompasses every character in full, by combining her skill to read a text (as the writer hears it) with her physical theatre and dance training enables her to bring life, presence and subtlety to characters. Her vocals are a powerhouse, matching her ability to go from strength to strength in adaptability, playfulness and honesty.

Devon is a 2020 graduate at VCA having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) and a 2016 graduate at NIDA (Diploma of Music Theatre), as well as studying Meisner with Wendy Ward in New York in 2017. An accomplished performer with sound puppetry skills, and advanced dance/movement skills, she is based in Melbourne.

Dianne Kaye


Dianne Kaye is a Multi-ethnic Triple-threat Performer (Singer/Actor/Dancer), Educator and Producer based in Sydney. She spent four years in New York City, having trained as a scholar at the New York Film Academy (Musical Theatre Conservatory) in addition to her studies at University of Sydney.

Dianne has performed in critically acclaimed musicals throughout the United States and Australia, such as “Les Misérables”, “Hairspray” and “Forbidden Broadway”. She was also lucky to tour the USA/Canada with the hit Nickelodeon children's Musical “Paw Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue” playing the roles of Everest and Farmer Yumi. 

Dianne has originated a number of lead theatrical roles, including Queen Bee in the immersive musical “The Bee and the Tree” (Mongrel Mouth); Kim in the pop/rock musical “Single Room Occupancy” (BR Productions), and Kulet in the hip-hop musical "MB" (Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre). As a soloist, she has sung at world-renowned venues such as Sydney Opera House, Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden and Apollo Theatre. Irrrespective of venue grandeur or production scale, her biggest thrill is being able to give heft to unique narratives, which can move and affect audiences of all ages and backgrounds. She is an advocate for diversity and cultural representation in the arts. 

Dianne has an ever-evolving artistic vision and thirst for creativity. One of her biggest beliefs is that the only way art can grow is by sharing it. She enjoys writing, producing and collaborating with other artists any chance she gets. She is also a passionate educator who is fascinated by the use of theatre as a vehicle for self-discovery and resilience in youths. In 2012, she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Sydney. When she is not on stage, she is in the classroom educating and inspiring students of all ages. 

As an actor with a strong grounding in Improvisation and the Meisner technique, Dianne enjoys the unpredictable, fast-paced nature of the entertainment industry, and she prides herself in having the adaptability to develop with/for a whole range of production types. Her diverse skill set has also allowed her to build an impressive international portfolio in film, TV, voiceovers and commercials, representing reputed brands such as: NARS, Ester-C, Listerine, Harvard Business School, SONY, Silver Bullet, Arrojo Hair, Bailey Nelson and much more.      

In Dianne's spare time she enjoys taking photos, travelling, spending time with her dog TyTy and painting! A true Aquarian, her favourite place in the world is the beach. 

Website: https://www.diannekaye.com/

Diego Retamales


Chilean-born, Diego Retamales graduated with a B. Performance from University of Western Sydney. While studying he came across Stage Combat and was immediately hooked. His love of physical activity on stage led to more combat classes including working as a Fight Assistant for ABC’S “Double the Fist” (2007), stunts and pop culture satire enhanced with CGI.

After training with Brisbane physical theatre company Zen Zen So, he embarked on a new path of theatrics with an old childhood love: professional wrestling. Diego began training for the Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) in 2009, performing as various characters all over NSW. He hopes to bring the skills from both disciplines, incorporating them into a cohesive form, which is easily learnt while also being effective and entertaining.

Theatrical credits include “Shakespeare’s Reservoir Dogs” (The Vanguard), “The Shape of Things” (Hot Room Theatre Group) “Sense and Sensibility” (Factory Space Theatre), “Romeo and Juliet” (Brave Touch) and “Mollycoddled” (Short+Sweet). Film credits include recent feature “Circle of Lies”, “Rules of the Game” (Coherent Productions), and in Boy and Bear’s music video “Rabbit Song” he is the mysterious Cycling Buffalo.

In addition, Diego’s contributions in fight choreography to “Penelope” by Kate Gaul have been well documented, adding to the acclaim that this production has already received (nominated for four 2013 Sydney Theatre Critics Awards: Best Independent Production, Best Director, Best Stage Design, Best Sound Design). He and his crew received reviews the likes of ‘… an incredibly fresh, energetic and perfectly realised piece of theatre’ and ‘… extravagantly imaginative’ by Stage Whispers and The New York Times respectively.

As both teacher and performer across theatre, TV and film, he has a tactile and stylish background in Shakespearean acting, stage combat and wrestling. When he is in the ring he is a serious opponent not to be messed with. But appearances are also deceiving: with his genuine, charming and ‘straight man foil’ persona Diego takes on any role with gusto, cleverness, naturalism and a sense of sympathy.

You can be guaranteed to note Diego’s handprints all over polished and reverent works in the future, as he continues to incorporate varying physical styles in the quest for Perfect Motion.


Dyan Tai


Self-described as the Asian empress of the gay streets of Sydney, Dyan Tai (he/they) has emerged from the stages of the local cabaret scene and now evolved into a multidisciplinary artist. Their captivating live shows bring together elements of Asiatic drag and performance art intersected with synth heavy electronic music and a sparkly, mirror coated keytar.

The Malaysian-born Chinese Australian Dyan is an electronic musician, singer/songwriter, drag and cabaret performer and DJ who’s especially dedicated to the QTPOC community. They have been a radio presenter on FBI Radio as well as being featured on ABC's “You Can't Ask That” (the Chinese-Australian episode).

Website: https://www.dyantai.com/


Dylan Dickson



Originally from Melbourne, Dylan started performing at an early age. He furthered his training completing a full-time performing arts course, having been mentored and trained under renowned dancer Robert Sturrock at Robert Sturrock’s Industry Dance Company. He has a wide range of professional credits in live entertainment, Commercial Dance, Corporate Events, and Stage, and has worked extensively between contracts.

Upon graduating in 2014, Dylan joined Princess Cruises as a Dancer. This opportunity took him overseas for five years, where he continued his professional career at sea with Costa Cruises as well as further with Carnival Cruise Lines in 2019.

Dylan has danced for artists such as Rhonda Burchmore and Jessica Mauboy. His career has also seen him dance on television programs for Nine Network, Network Ten and Seven Network as well as events at Crown Casino, Palladium Ballroom, Melbourne Regent Theatre, Plaza Ballroom, Grand Hyatt, Melbourne Convention Centre and Sydney Convention Centre respectively. He has worked for entertainment companies such as Fame Agenda, Brooks & Baker, FX Entertainment and HD Entertainment.

Elena Bello


Elena Bello 377443

Elena Bello is a versatile and deeply committed actress born and raised in Mexico. She began her career as an actor in 2007 at the Performing Arts Centre Artestudio back in Mexico City. After moving to Sydney she decided to develop her skills in acting for TV and film by taking the Showreel Course at Screenwise. Subsequently she graduated in Musical Theatre Diploma at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM).

Elena has a wealth of on-stage experience in theatre and musical comedy. Over the last few years she has been part of several productions both in leading and supporting roles, including corporate videos, TV commercials and short films. She has worked locally to work locally and abroad, across both Spanish and English languages respectively. A 2015 highlight was to play Carla in the premiere of “In The Heights” by Penrith Musical Comedy Company.

Elena's first performance job in Australia was as part of the Real Mexico Mariachi Band as lead singer. It gave her all the necessary experience to begin stepping up onto the Latin music platform almost immediately after her arrival. Since then she has continued collaborating with several bands, spreading her particular flavor, sensuality, richness and energy of Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue and Bachata all over Sydney.

Elhaq Latief


Elhaq Latief (Muhammad Qardhawi Gad El haq) is a dedicative and passionate performing artist based in Indonesia. He possesses a strong and adaptable work ethic and likeable communication skills suitable to any organisation. Since 2008 he has worked as a professional Actor, Singer, Dancer and Choreographer in the theatre industry in Jakarta, Indonesia. However his career really began when he was offered a role as corps de Ballet in Ballet Sumber Cipta’s “The Nutcracker” in 2009.

In 2016, he was granted a scholarship to join YES ASEAN, a Musical Theatre Intensive Training by Broadway’s Nikki Snelson (“Legally Blonde”) and Dr. Peter Thoresen, run by American Voices and American Embassy. In 2019, he was then again granted a scholarship from Djarum Foundation to join an intensive musical theatre program by Students Live; Passport to Broadway in New York City, then starred in their off-off-broadway show ‘What I Did for Love’ directed by Amy Weinstein.

Despite very little support for the performing arts across Indonesia, he became one of the main collaborator for a community theatre organisation Jakarta Performing Arts Community (JPAC), which became reputable and one of the most well-known. After being established in 2014, JPAC made a total of 9 shows, of which he had choreographed and been involved in a few. His recent work was in “West Side Story” and “Dreamgirls” by JPAC as a choreographer and ensemble.

Elhaq’s natural deep tender tenor voice with strong vibrato likewise caught the director of “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Coat” Keith Allerton, leading to being as Joseph. His unerring dance and choreography has already grabbed Broadway World’s attention (https://www.broadwayworld.com/indonesia/article/BWW-Interview-Elhaq-Latief-Rising-Star-in-Town-20170522).

When he’s not busy working, he likes to do yoga, travel, cook and binge watch TV series and movies. You can listen to his song covers on soundcloud.com/Elhaqueque.

Eliane Morel

Eliane MorelHS

Eliane Morel is Australian born of mixed Vietnamese, French and English heritage (though she has often been mistaken for Pacific Islander/Maori, Italian, Spanish or South American!). Her middle name is Anh Xuan.

Born in Peth and raised in Canberra (where she won a scholarship to study singing at the Canberra School of Music), Eliane moved to Sydney in her twenties to complete an Honours degree in Theatre at UNSW, the Playwrights’ course at NIDA, and continue her singing studies with Susan Reppion-Brooke and Ghillian Sullivan.

Since then, Eliane has become an accomplished comedienne, opera singer and actor, with an emphasis on multicultural theatre and a love of accents, which she can master to a very high standard.

Eliane has been touring NSW high schools with three shows in repertory for Starrs Productions: “Women in Shakespeare” - a two-hander featuring some of Shakespeare’s most complex female characters (in which Eliane has the pleasure of playing Shakespeare himself, Demetrius, Bottom, Cleopatra, Olivia, Juliet’s Nurse, Gertrude, Portia and Puck!); “The Lucky Country”, a solo show exploring post WWII migration to Australia and featuring 6 diverse characters of English, Italian, Lebanese Muslim, ex-Yugoslavian, Indian and Vietnamese backgrounds; and “Letters from France” another powerful solo piece based on the exquisite poetry and letters home of World War I poet, Wilfred Owen.

Eliane has performed as an actor and singer for The Citymoon Vietnamese Australian Theatre, Kantanka Theatre and the Asian Australian Artists’ Association, and has also devised many of her own pieces including “Ba Ngoai”, a show about her Vietnamese grandmother (made possible by an Australia Council grant) and “All Night Long” featuring the talents of bogus Feng Shui expert from Hong Kong, Madam Long.  She has also worked for the Arts Health Institute as a ‘humour valet’ providing humour therapy to nursing home residents with dementia.

Eliane has appeared with Pacific Opera, the Jubilate Singers, and has toured Indonesia in the show “Shadows”, with the renowned singer/songwriter Sawung Jabo. More recently, she has been working as a concert singer throughout Sydney and regional New South Wales. She has performed in several concerts for Newcastle Festival Opera including a joint production with Newcastle Musica Viva, as well as numerous concerts for Sydney and South Coast seniors – in both nursing homes and public venues, most recently at Bondi Pavilion.

In late 2015, Eliane shared the limelight on “Tell Me the Truth about Love” with Bill Hawkey (OAM) in Bega and Naroma, and went to Cuba to sing at the International Choral Festival with her choir, Voices from the Vacant Lot.

Website: http://elianemorel.com/

Elias Jabbour


Elias Jabbour discovered his passion for performing from a young age, through training in dance and group singing. It was not until later in his years that he discovered the alluring world of musical theatre and the potential to stretch his showmanship flair.

Post VCE, Elias Trained at Centrestage Performing Arts Schools Fulltime Musical Theatre course SHOWFIT for 3 consecutive years. Whilst at SHOWFIT Elias was privileged enough to work with some of Australia’s leading industry professionals including Verity Hunt-Ballard, Scott Johnson, Mathew Frank, Dean Bryan and Simon Gleeson respectively.

While there and since graduating, Elias has appeared in both The OC Project’s “#LIVFORCUNNINGHAM” and “#LIVFOREUROVISION; “Songs for the Master” for his SHOWFIT Showcase; “Songs of Bryant and Frank” and “The Crucible” (directed by Scott Johnson).

In 2016, Elias was privileged to play the role of Hugo Dude in the world premiere of the Australian pre-apocalyptic zombie musical “Motor-Mouth Loves Suck-Face” (written and directed by Anthony Crowley).

Although Elias recognises his heritage as coming from Lebanon, he is ethnically broad enough to be regional Middle Eastern, European or Caucasian. This gives him reach to facilitate between many types of roles and specialised genres—in addition to his veritable, young and dedicated talent.

Website: https://www.ejproductions.com.au/

Elisa Cristallo


Elisa Cristallo is an actor, comedian and writer perhaps best known for her lead role in the series “Welcome to the Family” which aired on Channel 31 Melbourne. It was an Official Selection of Miami Webfest, Sydney Indie Film Fest and Illawarra Film Festival respectively. She also had the lead role in the short film “They're Listening” which was an Official Selection of Smartfone Flick Fest as well as currently playing on Etihad Airways in-flight entertainment.

Elisa has written and performed comedy shows for Sydney, Newcastle and Adelaide Fringe Festivals and written for the late-night comedy show “Mainland Tonight”. Clean Comedy Australia described her work as ‘funny, heartwarming and thoughtful. [with] clever writing and genuine wit’ while Weekend Notes writes that Cristallo is a pure natural at storytelling’.

Elisa was a recipient of Blacktown Council’s Creative Arts grant; was selected for the National Theatre of Parramatta’s playwriting program; and currently serves on the board of the non-for-profit arts organisation Voices of Women.

She holds a Bachelor of Social Science from Western Sydney University with a major in Criminology.

Website: https://www.elisacristallo.com/

Elvin Lam


Hong Kong-born Elvin Lam started dancing in his late teens. Prior to this he was a silver-medallist figure skater for 10 years, often competing against the cream of the crop. In addition to being an actor in film, TV and theatre (such as working for the LGBTIQ arm in YGLAM theatre for a couple of years), he proudly represented the 20th Summer Deaflympics in 2005 as an Auslan singer in both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

As a professional dancer who is very much invested in the visual, poetic side of storytelling for maximum intuitive and synergetic impact, Elvin learnt Latin, ballroom, jazz, hip hop, contemporary dance and ballet; the latter of which he is most passionate about. He has been training at different reputable schools and workshops including The Australian Ballet, The Space Dance & Arts Centre, Chunky Move and Dance Factory. 

For Melbourne Fringe Festival, Elvin toured with the troupe “Deaf Can Dance” for two consecutive years around Melbourne, South Australia and Queensland, as well as for a few other festivals and events. He is presently a vital member of the Arts Access Victoria (AAV) initiative’s The Delta Project, which is a company that empowers both deaf and non-deaf performers alike.

If that’s not all, Elvin is a smart cookie, having studied design (building, fashion, interior and theatre) in top Melbourne universities and back home in Hong Kong. For his day job, he is a procurement officer for government but of course, this is not where his dream lies in.

Despite—or rather because of being a proven and breaking-the-mold performer who tends to communicate through sign language and using an interpreter in a verbally dominated world, Elvin’s deaf identity is integral to the belief that ‘deaf people can do anything’.

Emawayat Elmitt

Emi ElmittHS

Emawayat ‘Emi’ Elmitt was adopted from Ethiopia when she was eight years old. She completed her education at Merici College in Canberra and now attends classes at Parramatta Actors Centre.

Despite her shy, reserved demeanour, Emi tends to blossom in the spotlight and will give a malleable, infectious, inspiring, surprising and gung-ho performance as a model and actor. Despite—or because of the challenges in her life, she continues to thrive as a unique, creative, sought-after individual with the world of limitless possibility and opportunity at her feet.

Emi predominantly uses Auslan for communication and generally can work quite independently with an Auslan interpreter. She can also understand visual language and follow movement instructions easily.

Emily Cassar


Emily is a Sydney-based actress with a passion for Australian and Classical Theatre. She graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media – Acting and has since found herself performing as the leading lady in plays such as“Little Women” (2024), “The Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie” (2022-23), “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (2021-2022) and “Alice in Wonderland” (2019-2022).

She is extremely passionate about the technicality of language and the translation of classical plays for a modern audience and thoroughly enjoys a challenge. Emily goes above and beyond in her work and believes that connection—with her scene partners and the audience—are the true heart of theatre. 

Emily Jacker-Lawrence

 EmilyJackerLawrenceHS2021 1

Emily Jacker-Lawrence, originally from Geelong, completed a Bachelor of Music Theatre at Federation University in 2018. 2023 marked her international debut, performing in “Perfect Pairing: A Wine Tasting Dancegustation” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 2022 saw her perform in a new Australian work “You’re A Catch; Why Are you Single?”, written and directed by Sarah Wynen (2022), and take part in “Show Some Respect”, a theatre-in-education program within Victorian Secondary schools. In 2021 she filmed a live stream performance of “Songs for A New World” with Staged by Creatives and performed a new children’s work “The Junior Detective Collective: The Mystery of the Golden Scoop” with the Juicy Orange at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. 

Emily’s credits at the Arts Academy include “The Spirt Level”, Australian Premiere (Matron, dir: Anthony Crowley), “My Favorite Year” (dir: Sara Grenfell), the 20th Anniversary of “Crusade” (Mother Meg, dir: Craig Christie) and “Chicago” (Ensemble Member #1/Go to Hell Kitty, dir: Alister Smith).

Emily Ritchie


Originally from Wollongong, Emily Ritchie is a Sydney-based triple threat performer known for her versatile and dynamic performances. In recent years she has worked as a journalist for The Australian newspaper and to add to that challenge, is pursuing her dream career in the performing arts. After completing NIDA’s Musical Theatre course in 2018, Emily is excited to be auditioning, creating and producing her own material. 

Her most recent credits include: “Miracle City” directed by Hayden Tonazzi at NIDA; "Surf Seance" directed by Rachel Kerry at Kings Cross Theatre; “Ah Tuzenbach” with renowned Russian director Oleg Glushkov; “Starstruck The Musical” workshop (debuting the role of Nana) with RGM Productions and more. 

Emily loves M&Ms and writing poetry.

Emily Roberts

Emily Roberts 481471

Emily Roberts comes from a small town of roughly three hundred people in rural New South Wales. In high school she completed her CDPA training through the AMEB system, allowing her to tutor students in Speech and Drama. While at school she was fortunate enough to travel to the US to participate in workshops with several prestigious schools including The Stella Adler Studio of Acting and The Actors Studio.

In her gap year Emily appeared as Miranda and The Judge in a new play by Sydney Theatre Company “In A Heart Beat”. She also appeared as Clara in a production of “The Hatpin”. In 2016 she graduated from the Federation University’s Arts Academy where her credits included Helen in “Smash Hit”, Little Sally in “Urinetown”, Pugsley Addams in “The Addams Family” and Little Red Riding Hood in “Into the Woods”. She also completed a successful 2016 season with her cabaret “Lunch for One: A Short Guide to Popularity” and in the same year performed Sovereign Hill’s “Cabaret at Christmas”.

Voiceover credits include campaigns for 7-Eleven, Sportsgirl, and Pink Buffalo Films.  

Emily is passionate about reading and travelling, and is a self-confessed fantasy nerd.


Emma Austin


Emma Austin has always loved performing, even as a toddler. This love led her to study Music Theatre at the Federation University Arts Academy. In 2015 Emma was chosen to be part of a masterclass with renowned Broadway vocal coach Michael Lavine. During May of 2016, she was also part of a reading of the ‘new’ Shakespeare play “Margaret of Anjou, celebrating the 400th anniversary of his death, under the direction of Kim Durban. She has also recently made her cabaret debut in her self-devised piece “You Can’t Hurry Love. For the cabaret season, she was also chosen to be an MC, which showcased a whole new love for stand-up-type performance. This obvious passion led to her being chosen to be the MC for “In Development” at the Ballarat Cabaret Festival 2016.

During her time at the Arts Academy, Emma has been in shows such as Anthony Crowley’s “Vincent: An A Cappella Opera” (Christine), directed by Sara Grenfell with musical direction by Adam Przewlocki, and “The Pajama Game (Ensemble), directed by Casey Gould, with musical direction by Rainer Pollard.

In her graduating year, Emma was lucky enough to play some amazing roles. She loved playing Grandma in “The Addams Family”, directed by David Wynen, assistant direction from Matt Heyward and music direction by Rainer Pollard. One of her favourite performances was as Jack’s Mother in “Into the Woods”, directed by Jeremy Stanford, musical direction by Robyn Womersley.

Coming from a comedy background, Emma has a growing passion for writing and creating her own work. In 2016, she and her friend Cathryn McDonald wrote, directed and performed an original work entitled “Malteasers and Chill” for the Arts Academy’s Student Theatre Festival. This was a huge highlight in Emma’s career so far. She hopes to continue writing and performing comedy material, for both stage and television.

Emma Haughey


Emma Haughey was born and raised in Melbourne, with an immense passion for the performing arts. She is a recent graduate from the first ever cohort of NIDA’s Diploma of Stage and Screen Performance. Throughout her time at NIDA she was exclusively trained by tutors such as Les Chantery, Phillip Quast, Darren Gilshenan, and Garth Holcombe to name a few. Onstage, she was seen in NIDA’s “Borderline” (by director Egil Kapste) as well as “The Hour we Knew Nothing of Each Other” (by director Jennifer Hagen).

Prior to being accepted into NIDA at 18, Emma appeared as Ainsley Grizan in Channel Eleven’s “Neighbours” in 2016. Additionally, she featured in the Jeep TVC “Are We There Yet?”

Emma has over 10 years’ experience in various dance styles such as jazz, contemporary and ballet, whilst also

completing regular singing lessons throughout her schooling years. While at school, she took part various productions and local theatre shows, and studied both Drama and Theatre studies in her VCE graduating year.

Emma was awarded the Dux prize in Theatre Studies and was selected as a VCAA Top Class Performer.

Emma J. Hawkins


Emma J. Hawkins’ flair for the flamboyant, serious and whimsical plays to her strengths as a feisty, charismatic thespian with a knack for subversive, escapist comedy, high-octane dramatics and brilliantly versatile circus showcases. Her movements between the many worlds of fantasy, musical and children’s genres credit her with storytelling-based acrobatics, singing, dancing or slapstick. She is equally at home in the ironic, contemplative tragedies of Shakespeare, bringing joy and laughter as the Fool in “King Lear”, climbing the heights as a tap dancing, stilt walking acrobat in the critically acclaimed Circus Oz or sinking into the dark depths of a murderess in classics like Jean Genet's “The Maids”.

She stands on the fringe of the mainstream, but that’s where Emma does her best work in theatre: distinctive, fun, nuanced and unique while conveying a touching common humanity. She was nominated for a Green Room award for her portrayal as Fleck in the most fabled of musicals, “Love Never Dies”.

As cabaret alter ego Divine Miss Em, she relishes every opportunity to breath life into new characters but also extends a hand into creative development in theatrical productions. At the same time she imbues her performances with heart, audaciousness and fortitude as well as a steadfast belief in social justice and equality.

With a bag of tricks bigger than herself, Emma sees performing as a way of challenging herself and audiences alike to think outside the square. Her first memory on stage was chasing a boy with a frying pan so just don’t give this feisty redhead any kitchen utensils!

Emma Jones

Emma Jones HS2022

Emma Jones is a Sydney-based actress and voice artist with a passion for bringing flesh and blood to storytelling and will go beyond the call of duty and niche to make it happen. Although Emma is a multiplatform actress enjoying film, TV and voiceover, she is particularly drawn to the theatre and its exposed immediacy — the energetic interaction between the stage and the audience as well as the honour in being able to deliver those stories with all of her guts, glory and raw nerves. She especially delights in breaking down rarefied assumptions between perception and reality, between verve and pragmatism, and between farce and gravitas.

In 2022, Emma thrilled audiences and critics alike with her performance as Dr. Emma Brookner in State Theatre of South Australia’s acclaimed production of Larry Kramer’s “The Normal Heart”. Her impassioned speech during the second act was remarkably singled out for a standing ovation every single time. Limelight magazine said ‘Jones is absolutely glorious’. The Adelaide Advertiser said ‘A special shout out to Emma Jones as the dangerously determined Dr. Brookner”; meanwhile Heckler called her performance ‘stand-out’.

In 2021, Emma completed filming for the STAN series “Joe vs. Carole” starring Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon, as well as a new promotional campaign for “Red Cross”. 

In 2020, with the pandemic in full-swing Emma discovered a renewed and deep love for the art of voiceover and very quickly built up a formidable body of work in the commercial, corporate and narration voiceover arenas.

A quick look at Emma’s skills reveals an intimidatingly command of American and European accents and dialects. Meanwhile, she keeps herself very busy on pursuits ranging from Pilates to indoor skydiving to trivia nights and skiing. 

Emma’s biggest theatrical dream is to play Shakespeare’s bent king “Richard III” with cackling, vengeful, arrogance transcending gender and even humanity whose hate and rage has engulfed them. What a meaty role that would be!

Emma Price


Originally from the rolling hills of the English countryside, Emma Price trained as a multi-instrumentalist and singer, having studied at Trinity College of Music in London. She forged a successful and varied career in London and Europe, including touring and recording as accordionist, flautist and singer with alternative swing folk band The BeauBowBelles.

Through street performing in Covent Garden, Emma honed her love of comedy, improvisation and acting (training at Hoopla! Impro Theatre) and has performed in cabarets, improv festivals and prestigious events around the world, including Glastonbury Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Love, then COVID, brought Emma to Australia, her home for the past two years, singing, acting and making people laugh wherever she can. Credits include: the lead role in “The Pyjama Girl” (Premiere, Players in Exile, 2021), lead role in “Anvil” (Players in Exile, Flight Path Theatre, 2022), Baruska in “Once the Musical” (Darlinghurst Theatre Company, directed by Richard Carroll, 2022).

Emma joined Giffords Circus as singer and multi-instrumentalist for their consecutive 2023 and 2024 season (directed by Cal McCrystal). She also continued with the circus life with Circus Roncalli for their Christmas Tempodrom Berlin season.

Erinn Arnel

Erinn Arnel

Melbourne based, international dancer, model and actor Erinn Arnel has emerged as one of the most outstanding and contiguous graduates to come out of Australian Ballet School. Born in the central Victorian town of Bendigo, Australia in 1992 and started dancing at the age of 3. She was accepted into the Australian Ballet School at the age of 10.

While studying, in 2009 she danced with The Dancers’ Company (regional arm of the Australian Ballet Company) Tour of Australia, headlining “Poems” by Robert Ray and “Nutcracker” (Act 2) by Leigh Rowles. Again in 2010 she acted and danced corps de ballet in “Don Quixote”, choreographed by Ai-Gul Gaisina (influenced by Petipa). Graduating in 2010 with an Advanced Diploma of Dance with Distinction she was awarded the Graeme Murphy Award for Excellence in Contemporary Dance.

In 2011 Erinn featured in the Australian band My Disco’s music video “Turn” (part of the album My Little Joy) as lead dancer, which was received very well on Pitchfork. She also performed with Chunky Move in “It Sounds Silly” at Signal and has modelled for “We Are Handsome”, a swimwear label photographed by Stephanie Bailly. More recently Erinn has returned to Australia after performing musicals with Royal Caribbean Productions in “West End to Broadway”, “City Of Dreams” and “Tango Buenos Aires”. She gained the lead role of Sally Say So in ”Bada Bing… Bada Boom” and in 2013 has been proud to perform in Opera Australia’s “The Ring Cycle”.

When she is not a timeless and atmospheric mover, she is acting. Erin switched to stints like university graduate Danielle Caltabiano’s short “Inside of Me” (2013) about a visiting lesbian couple’s repercussions from a drunken one-night stand with a handsome male bartender, as well as a celebrity-laden, indie feature “The Sunset Six” (2010) about an ageing rock band’s desperate last attempt at reclaiming stardom by Jeremy Stanford. Similarly she has been cast in an acting role for the 2014 production of Opera Australia’s Rigoletto.

Meanwhile Erin continues to traverse between hip-hop, burlesque and contemporary shows with Melbourne’s SCIMM Dance Company.

From classy and free-flowing long splits and pirouettes in classical and neoclassical ballet to barefoot techniques to contemporary and orchestral music, alluring and sensual to burlesque, conscious and topical movements in hip-hop and shimmering, shadowy and frenzied to laser-infused, strobe rock, this multi-disciplined, award-winning artist definitely knows how to listen to her body.

It is not just her life: in effect, Erin’s body is the music.

Esmee de la Rambelje

Esmee de la Rambelje Online 3838

Esmee de la Rambelje was born in Holland and raised in France.

After finding a passion for acting, she decided to move to Australia and got her advanced diploma of acting for contemporary screen media studying at Sydney Actors School. In addition to acting, Esmee has pursued directing and writing, directing her first short film "The Bank Heist" in 2020. While at Sydney Actors School, she has also developed a love for comedy.

During her time at drama school, Emsee acted in numerous plays including “Animal Farm” directed by Kevin Jackson and “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” directed by Shane Anthony.

Esther Fwati

EstherFwati Headshot2022

Esther Fwati is an African-born and Aussie-raised girl. A ‘third culture’ kid whose blended upbringing has given her plenty of spices to sprinkle upon an unsuspecting world. She grew up performing, entertaining and telling stories to anyone who would lend her an ear. That upbringing inevitably fostered her passion for acting and writing.

Coming from a background in dance (hip hop & contemporary), Esther had her first L.A. experience when she was chosen to represent Australia in the “Coke Zero – Make It Possible” Campaign. She stepped into acting with her first lead role in a theatre production of “The Container” by Clare Bayley. She went on to study full time acting at Film & TV Studio International where she trained alongside many talented peers and under amazing working actors/teachers. One thing she took away was a piece of advice given by teacher and actor, Damian Walshe-Howling: ‘Be a creator of your own content’. Realising that was what she’d always done and has always been—a creator—she took that small snippet of wisdom and ran with it.

After being chosen as one of the finalists in the first ever Equity Foundation & Screen Australia Diversity Showcase alongside nine other performers in Sydney, Esther is now based in Melbourne. She continues to write works inspired by the themes of Third Culture, Multiculturalism and Belonging.

Eva Davies


Naturally compassionate and percipient, Eva Davies is a proud advocate for body positivity and inclusivity, and as an actor, she is committed to change that caters to de-stigmatisation of disability and prevalent, consistent celebration of differences across the industry—and therefore society.

Originally scouted for modelling, Eva discovered an even greater passion in acting and wishes to play strong, powerful characters in any genre, particularly drama and comedy. She is interested in substantial, complex storytelling that is written with care, creativity and respect as much as family-driven values.

In that regard, Eva hopes to nurture this passion into a lifelong calling, where she gets to work with the best and most kind in showbiz. 




Eva Sifis


Eva Sifis has lived a life that most would never imagine. From an international dancing career to learning how to walk again; from building herself anew to surviving advanced cancer, and from losing everything through head injury to assisting others in shifting their experiences of trauma to ones of empowerment. Her own stories of overcoming adversity give new credence to the motto ‘onwards and upwards’. She shows that it is a matter of tenacity and self-belief as well as taking the benefit of support through community and family in order to survive and thrive.

Now, in a surprise twist to confound all the disbelievers, Eva’s artistic life is experiencing a rebirth too! After believing all that was behind her, it seems an artist’s life as a presenter, actor, voiceover artist, singer, dancer and disability advocate really is for evermore. In other words, she is a storyteller at large.

Because of circumstances steering her life from an international dancing career to one of producing community arts, Eva has gained a unique insight to living with disability. This insight is presently being used in the development of workshops assisting the lives of those recovering from Acquired Brain Injury through her own business By Accident. Her only wish is to highlight the fortitude and tenacity that lies latent within us all.

In addition to being a facilitator as employed by organisations to deliver their training, Eva is a published author and public speaker.

Website: http://www.byaccident.com.au/

Eva Sliter


Now living in Sydney, Australia but originating from Sosnowiec, Poland, Eva Sliter holds a Master’s degree in Dramatic Arts from the National Academy of Dramatic Arts (PWST) in Krakow, Poland. Her career has encompassed a diverse range of areas including theatre, advertising, film and television. Her acting credits include Polish National Theatre productions such as Gogo in “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel L. Beckett, Isabella in “Measure for Measure” by William Shakespeare and Masha in “The Seagull” by Anton Chekhov.

Some of Eva’s acting technique specialties include: Mikhail Chekhov, Stanislavsky, Sanford Meisner, Grotowski as well as Body and Voice. The latter two of which she had the privilege to learn directly through Zygmunt Molik in Wroclaw, Poland. Directors have commended her for her high level and clarity of interpersonal skills, flexible responsiveness and creative acumen.

Eva has also been complimented for an easy and engaging personality, for her enthusiasm in learning new things and for being consistently passionate about character and story. With her Polish heritage, she has amassed a remarkably miscellaneous trivia in all things related to European theatre and film that—a foundation that has informed and nurtured her approach towards the different styles and techniques of her acting craft.

Frieda Lee


Frieda Lee grew up in Sydney, and is of Chinese and Indonesian descent. She has worked with The Last Great Hunt on “The Advisors” (2017) and “Improvement Club” (2018). In 2017 she was a recipient of the Malcolm Robertson Foundation prize for her play “All His Beloved Children”. 

Frieda acted for Barking Gecko Theatre Company in “A Ghost in My Suitcase” at the Melbourne International Arts Festival (2018), Sydney Festival (2019) and Perth Festival (2019). She collaboratively created “The Inconsequential Lives of Little Fish” at The Blue Room Theatre (2018), nominated for five Performing Arts WA Awards. 

Frieda won the PAWA (Performing Arts WA Awards) for Best Actor in an Independent Production 2018. In 2020 she began writing “The Bright Side of Bum Town” as one of Griffin Theatre Company and Create NSW’s Incubator artists. The play was commissioned by the Sydney Opera House’s New Work Now Initiative and won the 2022 Max Afford Playwrights Award. 

Frieda has a Bachelor of Performing Arts from WAAPA, a Bachelor of Arts/Laws, a Master of Human Rights and is currently writing a PhD with UNSW and Australian Plays Transform. 

Gabriela Pangilinan

GabPangilinan 15

Gabriela Pangilinan headlined the Manila staging of “Side Show” by Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group in 2018, earning a nomination for her portrayal of Daisy Hilton in Broadway World Philippines. She was also cited in various publications on the Best of Theater in 2018 (Philippine Inquirer, ABS-CBN, TheaterFansManila). It was this role that led her to star in her next two productions in Manila: Black Box Productions’ “Mula Sa Buwan”, in which she vocally trained for classically, and Full House Theater’s “Ang Huling El Bimbo”, which was a monster-hit of a production of over 100 sold-out shows.

In 2016, Gabriela had the opportunity to be a part of “The Tempest Reimagined” which was a partnership between the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). The show which began her professional career in theatre was PETA’s “Rak of Aegis”, which closed with 449 shows.

Though she has always loved musical theatre and took workshops as a child, Gabriela only dove in headfirst in 2014 and has been a full-time theatre actor since then. To this day, she hasn’t stopped acting, dancing and singing.

Gemma Hansom


Brisbane-born and bred Gemma Hansom is a bubbly and talented actress and musician. Raised from a rowdy Australian-Irish family, she has been exposed to a wide range of activities since from a young age. From farmyards to family yarns, all aspects have shaped her into the charismatic, quirky, versatile, driven performer/story teller she is today.

With her formal training beginning at the Australian Dance and Performance Institute (ADPI) at the ripe age of 17, studying ballet, commercial jazz, tap and acting, Gemma’s ambition and passion for Musical Theatre led her on to further studies at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music (QCM), graduating with a BMus (Musical Theatre) in 2014. A quirky, versatile personality has seen her play leading roles such as Kira in Harvest Rain’s 2015 production of “Xanadu”, Carrie Pipperidge in “Carousel”, Rapunzel in “Into the Woods”, as well as featured roles in “Hair” and “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”. She has also featured in masterclasses with noted professionals such as John Bucchino, Neil Rutherford, Leontine Hass and Paul Sabey.

Aside from being on stage herself, Gemma takes pride in aiding the development of new, upcoming theatre. In 2014 she starred as the main character Zwante in Matthew Samer’s reading of” Hell and High Water”, which has since been taken to London for further development.

As a qualified high school teacher, (when time permits) Gemma also enjoys encouraging and supporting teens in developing their skills and love for performing too.

Gemma’s unwavering commitment and determination sees her going from strength to strength as she continuously seeks projects and opportunities to grow as a performer and artist.


George El Hindi

george elhindis 21

George El Hindi is best known for his hilarious turn as a gay husband in a forced marriage with a lesbian in the phenomenally successful web series “I Luv U But”. This two-season run was nominated for a Beirut’s Social Media Award in Lebanon, had a social media blitz and received unprecedented hits across the Middle East and Asia among the LGBTIQ community.

George has a personable, handsome and open presence whose affinity with the camera suggests self-assurance and an unexpected sense of comic timing contrasting with his ‘straight man’ persona. Other than his impressive skills in martial arts, circus, sports and activities, his ability to mimic any accent also gives him scope and creativity to perform dramatic material and/or physical comedy on stage and on screen.

Well spoken, a good communicator and eager to learn, George is a well-rounded artist who has a tendency to make audacious, risky decisions that usually pay off, and an attitude for reinvention and return to form.

Georgia Spark


Passionate and driven, Georgia Spark began her journey by undertaking singing and piano lessons from a young age. She continued to perform in local & school choirs, musicals and concerts.

Georgia went on to study a Bachelor of Musical Theatre at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and continued to learn for three years. Her university credits include: Rosalia in “West Side Story” (2017), Queen in “The Life” (2016) and Carmen in “Sweet Charity” (2016). Since graduating, she has taken on the role of Lauren in “Kinky Boots” at the Empire Theatre and has toured across Queensland with the children’s tour of “Blue Gum Farm”.

Georgia loves diving into the minds of different characters and exploring their possibilities. She is prepared to change her physical appearance and learn any instrument for upcoming productions.

Georgina Lloyd

G Lloyd Headshot 1

Blessed with a potent mix of Mediterranean and European ancestry, Georgina Lloyd is not only a talented emerging artist, but also a captivating burlesque performer. She is very much a juggler for the camera: she can straddle worlds between bubbly, showbiz transparency, timeless, old-world classicalism, the ‘good twin and evil twin’ archetype with a slightly twisted, ambivalent foible and the domestic goddess but imperfect mother/girlfriend.

Performing on stage at the Sydney Theatre Company (2021), Georgina was hand-picked to portray the role of Ato Asyet, a vibrant and chaotic character sharing her same unique ethnic heritage and cultural background.

When not treading the boards or gracing the screen, Georgina is rocking on stage as a finalist at this year’s Battle of the Bands at Sydney’s very own Kelly’s on King (April 2021) with her band, Cosmic Rodeo, where she plays keyboards and sings lead vocals.

But that’s not where her talent ends. Thanks to illustrious training for Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Western Sydney Institute of Music and Fantastiques Performing Arts Academy, in the last 15 years Georgina has shone in jazz, cabaret, musical theatre, belly and flamenco in addition to world, which comes from her interestingly ambiguous heritage. She is as resourceful as in sport and martial arts: a glance at her skills shows that you may fear for your life on the field!

Indeed, if there was one word to capture this actor, dancer and singer—or the triple threat as they call it—it would be ‘effervescent.’ And the lights agree with her as well.

Gerry Sont























Gerry Sont trained originally in London at E.15 Stratford and later with Ms. Uta Hagen in New York. He has over 100 professional stage, film and TV credits but he is probably most well known as Melvin in “Melvin: Son of Alvin” and as Brett Macklin from “Home & Away” or even perhaps the host of the kids’ show “Double Dare”.

In his 30’s Gerry taught at NIDA for nine years and created their one-year TV Presenters course which he also facilitated. He became a senior trainer within NIDA’s Corporate Performance division. For The Actors Centre, he has taught various drop-in classes. For the Australian College of Entertainers in Melbourne he was Head of Drama for a year. Later in his 40’s he focused more on theatre productions and corporate training.

Currently, Gerry coaches nationally business presentation skills and is an affiliate lecturer at UNSW Business School, AGSM.

Gerry joined Actors Equity in 1976.

Website: http://www.gerrysont.com/

Glenn Levett


Glenn Levett was a primary school teacher and principal for 40 years before recently retired, seeking a ‘stage change’. Thus he made the much-anticipated leap into his other nurturing love: acting. His interest in performing arts had begun through his teaching and as such is extremely accomplished in all facets of film, musicals, theatre, television and modeling.

During his tenure in education, Glenn had a drama group who competed at State Drama Festival, and once held in reserve for over 6 years. He critiqued Statewide school performances and was a member of the Eastern Suburbs Drama Committee for 5 years. He was also a member for 10 years and treasurer at the Eastern Suburbs Festival of Performing arts for 6 years.

Being of mixed Indian, French and English heritage, Glenn prides himself not only on his culture but also on his exercise regime; he is a regular at the local gym and can boast a super-toned body. In addition, he attends and teaches ballroom/Latin American dance classes.

In his downtime Glenn enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, travel and shopping.

Greg Semu

GregoryAlanSEMU Head Shot 1 SEPT2022

Of Samoan heritage, Greg Semu (Gregory Alan Semu) is an established international photographer and visual artist, having aesthetically acclaimed technical experience in film and television behind the camera spanning for over two decades. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, he has lived all over the world including New York, Paris and Berlin. In addition to being fluent in French, he taught himself German and Mandarin respectively. He has been based in Sydney since 2010.

It is partly due to that experience and diverse, worldly, driven upbringing that Greg has transitioned into a whole new phase in his fifties, which happens to be acting. Indeed, his intense flair, broody overtones and wild, shaggy appearance places him in a cut above the rest.

‘As an Actor, Artist and Protagonist, I am interested in the suffering of others…’

Website: http://www.gregsemu.photography/

Gregory Shand

Gregory Shand Headshot1

Gregory (Greg) Shand has taught tap dancing and musical staging at the London Studio Centre and in Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Sydney. He has directed and choregraphed musical theatre in Switzerland, Germany and Sydney, and taught musical theatre performance at Wollongong Conservatorium.

Gregory’s highlights are inspiring, far-flung and impressive, ranging from European tours of “Side by Side”, “Good Old Days”, “Me and My Girl”, “Amadeus” to Australian offerings like “Danny La Rue Show”, “Oklahoma!”, “The Death of Albatross” and, behind the scenes as choreographer for “Sweet Charity”, “A Chorus Line”, “Pippin” and “West Side Story” in his hometown of Wollongong. In addition to cabarets like “Schlemil” in Berlin, “Raus Damit” in the Weimar Republic and “Oh My God!” in Vienna, he has varied experience in opera and the festival circuit.

Gregory was a member of the Wollongong Contemporary Choir.

Hannah Gwatkin

HannahGwatkin HS2024

Whether dancing, acting, singing, playing saxophone or piano, choreographing or composing, Hannah Gwatkin is always keen to create and perform. Having completed a Diploma of Music (Contemporary Performance) in Sydney, she moved to Brisbane to study a Bachelor of Musical Theatre at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, graduating in 2017.

University credits include Nickie Pignatelli in “Sweet Charity”, Graziella in “West Side Story”, Watkin Tench in “Our Country’s Good”, Bridesmaid in “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” and Bobby in “The Life”. Hannah has also appeared in “The Boy from Oz: The Arena Musical” (2006), ABC’s “Sing!” CDs (2004-2007), as a Featured Dancer in Opera Queensland’s “Kiss Me Kate” (2016), and as Judy Turner in Mad About Theatre’s production of “A Chorus Line” (2018). Now a Melbourne local, she prides herself as an enthusiastic, hardworking, highly skilled and versatile performer.

Hannah Kassulke


Hannah Kassulke is a Brisbane-born actor and singer. She graduated with distinction from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Arts in 2018, majoring in drama and history, and completed a musical theatre internship with Harvest Rain in 2013. She has studied under the likes of Mary Setrakian, Kathryn Marquet and Catarina Hebbard as well as gaining extensive acting experience through her work in theatre.

Hannah has been involved in musical theatre in and around Brisbane for a number of years. Her credits include shows such as “Next to Normal” (Natalie), “Les Misérables” (Fantine understudy), “Ladies in Black” (Fay) and “Complete Unknowns”, a one-act play in which she was awarded Best Actress for the South East Queensland One Act Play festival. A versatile actress, she approaches her acting with detail, subtlety and complete understanding of her characters, relishing in their vulnerability, or lack thereof.

Hannah O'Connell


Hannah O’Connell grew up in Melbourne and was always surround by music and theatre since from an early age. She began her theatre training at Showfit in Melbourne before making her way to Ballarat to begin studying her Bachelor of Arts in Music Theatre at Federation University.

Theatre credits whilst at the Arts Academy included a workshop of Andrew Worboys Showtrain (Jacob) as well as a production of “Bye Bye Birdie” (Alice) In her final year at University. Hannah played Alexi Darling along with smaller featured roles in the musical “RENT” at the Athenaeum theatre in Melbourne, and also played Beadle in the production of “Sweeney Todd”.

Haolan Yao


Haolan (Daniel) Yao started acting and presenting since he was 8 in China, having won multiple awards for public speaking and monologue delivery across the country. At the age of 14, he found his new passion in the form of singing. Skilled in both classical and contemporary genres he has undertaken a music degree at the University of Sydney.

After moving to Australia at the age of 18, Haolan applied his skills and participated in several theatre performances and TV shows. He furthered his career by collaborating with painter Charlie Sheard and photographer Michael Phoenix as an artistic model. He also became a public speaking adviser for The University of New South Wales.

In his spare time, Haolan is an extremely athletic individual and professionally competes in Muay Thai/kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With a combination of strength and artistry, he is very versatile and can therefore succeed in many roles.

Happy Feraren

Happy Feraren Headshot

With an accomplished background in a wide range of improvisational theatre formats in Manila, Philippines for over a decade, Happy Feraren has performed in more than 500 shows for both corporate and cultural audiences. Her experience includes participating as a performer and facilitator in international workshops and festivals around the world in cities like New York, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Chicago respectively.

For improve theatre group SPIT (Silly People’s Improv Theater), Happy has performed in major cultural venues in the Philippines: Cultural Center of the Philippines, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, and the PETA Theater Centre. Not only did she assist in the devising of special shows such as: murder mystery, dinner theatre, themed city tours, improvised musicals and so on, she co-organised the group’s flagship biennial event, the biggest festival in Asia, Manila Improv Festival.

A screen and theatre highlight were being a part of “Limitless” with Chris Hemsworth (Disney+) and being part of Slide Night with Rove McManus in the Sydney Opera House respectively.

Moreover, Happy is as a professional presenter and sports broadcaster with experience on national televison, live events and radio in the Philippines.

Huan Nguyen


Huan Nguyen is an actor working out of Sydney, Australia. With his Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, majoring in Film Studies at the University of Sydney, he relishes the prospect of being able to create opportunities to work in the film industry. He also has undertaken the acting course Acting for Mindfulness, with the intent of broadening his skills and experience, in order to drive his pursuit in film.

Huan is trained in the Vietnamese martial arts Vovinam, and was competitive in 2013-2018.

Hugh Pham


A business student who has spent a great deal of his time living, studying and working overseas, Hugh Pham has truly found a passion for acting, dance and improvisation. Despite his day job, this does not stop him to fully pursue this craft, and he has begun by constantly learning about the entertainment industry and enhancing as much of his knowledge as possible. Since he understands that for every beginning as an actor, he has decided to be completely dedicated to the power of inhabiting a character that is not his own.

Other than a few small productions when Hugh was younger, and being able to feel the joy in performance, he has decided to take it more seriously in 2015. One of the highlights of his short but impassioned career was cracking the Top 20 in the fiercely competitive “So You Think You Can Dance Australia” in 2012.

What Hugh lacks in experience, his humble attitude and consistently, thriving, osmotic quality makes him ideal for the leap into the professional world of acting. He is thankful and understanding that ICACM is perhaps the place to give him a chance to improve and follow his dreams.

Imogen Church

ImogenChurch Headshot

Imogen (or Immie to family and friends) Church is a qualified actor and musical theatre performer with an Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts from ED5 International. She credits some of her ED5 mentors and peers as reassuringly, hopefully invaluable to the building blocks of her career longevity in this industry.

Immie’s measured professionalism is rivalled only by her stunning vocal capacity, top command of various dance genres and the stimulating energy that she receives from her audience. Not only that, with a taste for the screen, she is keen to branch out into other challenging, irreverent, exciting and creative roles befitting her experience yet also providentially beyond her years.

Inderjit Singh


Inderjit Singh began acting since school. He participated in live drama shows and modeling; the first time he was on national television was in India in 2001. He attended a dancing school in 2004, to which he applied on television and Bollywood films with his team.

Inderjit came to Australia in 2009 where he started taking part in leading roles as a model in various Indian music videos. He also played a supporting role for a Pollywood movie “Sardar ji 2” (Pashto cinema) in 2015, and flexed his comic chops on “NRI” working alongside North Indian film actors.

Isabel Mulrooney


Born and raised in Wagga Wagga NSW, Melbourne-based actress Isabel Mulrooney graduated from Federation University/BAPA with a B.A in Acting.

Isabel’s recent credits include one-woman show “Butchers Paper Cape” (VCA), 2018 feature film “Rock Sugar”, “The Power of 2” (T2 Tea), “Death of an Axolotl” (C31), “Teaching and Learning” (BYTE), “This is She” (Melbourne Fringe) and “Moment of Freedom” (La Mama).

Most recently, Isabel has been showing off her funny chops in the new Australian touring production “The Hall Committee” alongside comedian Damian Callinan.

Footage: https://vimeo.com/user43468527

Isabella Forte

Isabella ForteHS2022

Isabella Forte is a Sydney-based Singer/Actor/Dancer. Blessed with Italian heritage, she is a bubbly and mature girl-next-door type who is always willing to work hard, striving to improve all the three aspects of her craft. Her career goals are to establish herself in the Australian Music theatre industry on an equal level as within the film and television industry.

Isabella’s love for performing stems from a curiosity and discovery of creating, portraying and delivering fantastically extraordinary, socially-aware, universal stories lifted from the people that she meets locally and from all over the world.

Although Isabella feels connected to her roots as much as drawing from Anglo-centric culture, she can pass off as Latino/Hispanic, Spanish, Greek or even Middle Eastern.

Isabella West-Just

Isabella West JustHS14

Isabella (Bella) West-Just was born and raised in Sydney, Australia as an only child with a single mother.

She grew up as a competitive gymnast training 25 hours a week for her entire childhood and most of her teen years. From a young age, gymnastics was all she knew until she discovered drama in high school and fell in love with acting and watching movies. She would watch movies and TV shows on repeat all the time when she realised that that was all she wanted to do as a career.

After high school, Isabella traveled to the USA to work at a summer camp in Upstate New York and afterwards decided to road-trip California by herself. It was there she realized that she wanted to pursue acting full time, so when she got home she auditioned for Sydney Theatre School.

During her studies Isabella was able to portray roles such as Lady Capulet in “Romeo and Juliet’ and Tameka in the self-devised play “The Warren”.

Isabella hopes to continue to play a wide range of roles and tell stories through her acting and inspire others, just as she was inspired by actors herself.

Izabella Louk

Izabella Louk Headshot 2022

Izabella Louk (she/her) is an actor, dancer, playwright and producer, living and working on Gadigal land. She attended Drew University (NJ, USA) where she studied Theatre and Mandarin, and upon graduation, she was awarded the Thomas H. Kean President's Award for Overall Excellence in Theatre Arts.

Highlights from her time in the US include working with Tectonic Theater Project in New York to devise Stillwater an original play with music that premiered off-Broadway at the Helen Mills Theatre in New York, training and performing with the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, and interning with New York casting office Telsey+Company.

On return to Australia, Izabella produced and performed in the wildly successful run of “Much Ado About Nothing” which sold out over a month prior to opening night and received rave reviews. She is currently a member of ATYP’s prestigious writing development program Fresh Ink, and also recently had her short play “Fish Doof” published by Currency Press as a part of the anthology Intersection: Bloom.

Website: https://izabellalouk.wixsite.com/mysite

Jacek Dusznik



Jacek Dusznik 2013 b1

Jacek Dusznik studied acting at Bull Alley Theatre. He achieved Distinction in both Theatre Performance and ATCL Diploma at Trinity College London. The ex-boxer and rugby player speaks fluent English, German and Polish. In 2010, the Irish public discovered him in Focus Theatre’s first production, “Scent of Chocolate” directed by Anna Wolf. He also was set designer for PTI’s devised piece of “Chesslaugh Mewash”, which was part of ABSOLUT Fringe 2011.

Jacek had the pleasure of working with Irish comedy legend Tommy Tiernan in “Dave’s One Night Stand” show as journalist Tomek. He memorably appeared in the highly-acclaimed TV series “Ripper Street” on his deathbed alongside Matthew Macfadyen (“Anna Karenina”) as well as Stephen Don’s “Faraway” feature, Daniel Corcoran’s short film “Promised Land” and “Death Waits” feature by Redmond Fitzpatrick. He appeared in plays “Henry V” as Charles VI, by Katherine Murphy and in “Street Scene” as Kaplan, by Neville Caryle Style. Jacek is proud of his work on “Blink”, a short film directed by Conor Maloney (“Ayamé”), about how destinies can be shaped in the blink of an eye. Written by and starring Gavin O’Connor (“The Tudors”), Jacek acted opposite IFTA nominee Róisín Murphy (“What Richard Did”) and Luke Griffin (“Band Of Brothers”).

Two beloved career highlights come to mind: one was touring primary schools across Ireland promoting environmental awareness through “Turning the Tide” for Down to Earth Theatre Company. The other one was 2013’s “The Vikings”. Jacek found it to be special, brutally rewarding and well paid work and even spent more time on the set than some of the main actors. Gleefully amongst some of the fiercest fights: a whack to the face, riding roughshod on a warhorse, blood-splattered nevertheless had endowed the Polish emigrant with priceless insight into how to deal with large-scale professional productions.

Since the mid-2014 move to Germany, Jacek was able to obtain a UK Channel 4 job in Stuttgart. Apparently he has no qualms in getting undressed for 3 hours in a Bigest German brothel! Indeed, he is nothing if not endlessly optimistic, facilitating, driven and honest about his services with the soul of a searching artist as seen in his favourite poem below. Inspired by Terry Gilliam’s “The Fisher King” he is more at home with a crazy, mad and roguish glint in his eye, with fashionably up-swept locks so as to avoid looking like ‘every third guy on the street’!

Jack Ngu


Born in Australia, Jack Ngu is a self-styled Chinese-Vietnamese performer and multimedia artist. He is also a super versatile actor, presenter, model and filmmaker whose forte lies in comedy and improvisation.

Graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts and Media Communication degree from University of New South Wales, Jack also studied theatre and acting, which has helped him to ‘practice for life’. By osmosis, his curiosity for and exposure to all facets of productions – behind the scenes and on camera – is only rivalled by his people skills – from elders to children, from celebrities to pets and mentors to juveniles. By switching from four accents of English to the Cantonese and Teochew languages, he has been able to break language barriers, bridge generation gaps and thus widen the social scope in his world.

Everybody who has worked with him considers him to be creative, technical, adaptable, funny, charismatic, educated, intellectual, childish, geeky and random. He applies aspects of this philosophy with varying depths: in the spiralled, corruptive ambivalence of “Gangs of Oz” and “3 Men, One Dice” (2009); neo noir worlds of “Callabona Red” (2009) and “Rain Dog” (2013); the dreamy, wise and romantic connotations of “Mr Bench” (2012) and of course, the scatological practicalities of “Ultimate Guide to No Toilet Paper” (2010). In addition, he has worked with Rumble Pictures as a stuntman, actor and assistant.

Off screen, Jack’s characters are idle and idiosyncratic: from skating (heelys) and snowboarding to travel and spiritual journeys, as well as video games and ‘robots in disguise’. In other words, he is the ‘most dynamic person you may ever meet’.

You may find Jack equally down to earth, with an award-winning imagination that is this planet! Very quickly, you are convinced that entertainment is truly his passion.

Website: http://www.jackngu.com/

James Philpot



James Philpot is a character actor who relishes playing comedic characters in contemporary plays such as those by David Williamson, to energetic slap stick comical roles in classics such as “Arsenic and Old Lace”. In 2018 he portrayed a ‘bucket list’ role when he used his dramatic and comedic skills combined as Norman, the titular character in Ronald Harwood's “The Dresser”. 

An accomplished Shakespearean actor, James has performed both dramatic and comical character roles. Musical theatre has seen him play a range of lead roles, including a tap-dancing brush turkey in an improvised production set around the Australian Rainforest entitled “Wild”. Always keen to stretch his talents, he has also featured as the title character of Hecuba in a traditional Ancient Greek Mask Drama, and in 2017 tested his adlibbing skills as he played Santa Claus doing an interview ‘live’ from the North Pole on the “Sunrise” program.

In his day job, James has been a drama teacher across NSW high schools with 25 years’ experience. He has a flair for storytelling to children and adults in those schools and also as a volunteer in nursing homes. He has hosted in front of audiences for variety concerts, award ceremonies and special occasions such as weddings and other celebratory occasions.

Jane Phegan

Jane Phegan 383929

Since graduating from Theatre Nepean in 2005, Jane Pegan has been working on stage. The day after graduation she began a 10-year journey as Company Artist with Version 1.0. In addition to devising and performing in all of its major works during this period, she was also performing in mainstream theatre productions.

Since the closure of Version 1.0 in 2014, Jane worked with Rinkogun Theatre Company in Tokyo, and toured Ilbijerri's “Beautiful One Day” from Southbank to London (2014). Meanwhile she continued to work non-stop in Sydney, proving to be an incredible veteran actress for Siren Theatre Co in “The Trouble with Harry” (2012 & 2017), “Good with Maps (2017), “The Ham Funeral” (2017) and “As You Like It” (2011), to name a few.

Jane has appeared in several short films, such as “How the Light Gets In” (2016) and “Butterfly Factor” (2004). She won Best Actress at Sydney Indie Film Festival in 2015 for “Entailment”.  She had a small role in the award-winning Bosnian director Jasmila Zbanic's feature “For Those Who Can Tell No Tales”. This premiered at TIFF in 2013 and screened at festivals around the world before coming to SFF in 2014.

Jane seeks work that is challenging and interesting, in turn encouraging people to engage and be proactive within the wider community.

Janet Foye

Janet Foye Headshot2015

A staple of Australian film and television for over 30 years, Janet Foye has been very blessed to work under the directorial lens of Philip Noyce in “Heatwave” (1982); Alex Proyas in “Knowing” (2009); George Miller on both “Babe” movies (1994, 1998). On the smaller screen, she held her own in guest roles against heavyweights John Wood on “Blue Heelers” (2001); comediennes Jane Turner and Gina Riley on “Kath & Kim”; heartthrob David Wenham and self-assured Sigrid Thornton on “SeaChange” (2000) and Ian Rawlings on “Sons and Daughters” (1982) as his bad boy’s therapist in one very memorable scene that was a little too intimate for her liking!

Janet, indeed, has played memorable exceedingly well in rural settings, having appeared in multiple arced episodes on “Bed of Roses” as a South Gippsland townsperson Lorna Lincoln who is an integral part of Kerry Armstrong’s character’s ‘new normal’; on “Something in the Air” (2000) whose town is revived by the preserving presence of a radio station, and on “A Country Practice” (1982-1990) whose personal relationships are as important as those of doctors and nurses’ with their patients.

Such as is the breadth and depth of Janet’s career that it has taken her to play in many sandboxes of bogan satire, apocalyptic doom, unbelievable melodrama, quirky pastoralism, action with both fantastical and felonious elements and uplifting coping mechanisms in the face of grief and loss.

Now Janet is about to enter the next and most exciting chapter of her life in Melbourne that she currently calls home.

Jarrod Barke

Jarrod BarkeHeadshot

Jarrod Barke is an Australian-born performer who has worked in numerous areas of the entertainment industry. As a young artist, he has already worked for some of the world's biggest brands on stage and screen’s including Alikhan Live Entertainment, Hi-5 World and Disney Cruise Line respectively. 

A hard-working, energetic and professional artist, Jarrod has the faultless ability to move between lead/supporting roles and ensemble roles, blending in very well with panache, lively physicality and zest. 

Jasmine Yo Shan Chan


Though small in stature, Jasmine Yo Shan Chan makes up for it in award-winning passion and drive. She is a Melbourne-based performer originally from Hong Kong. From a young age, she has undergone training for singing, acting and dancing. As a young artist, she has already performed at impressive venues such as the Queen Elizabeth Stadium and Disneyland in Hong Kong.

Jasmine first stepped on stage in 2009 for the “My Hong Kong Dream Concert”. Her screen debut was a Hong Kong McDonald’s breakfast TV commercial in 2015. Her first theatre training was at the age of 14, where she was chosen as a recipient for the Bravo! Program offered by AFTEC Hong Kong. This was a two-year training program, including three-week training with the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre in Taiwan as one of 10 people out of the final 30. This two-year program opened her eyes to the professional world of performing arts, where she received training for classical and physical theatre from Dr Vicky Ooi, Rodney Cottier from LAMDA and Ata Wong as well as instructors from the Cloud Gate Dance School. 

Jasmine’s determination to make performing a lifelong career was the moment she was chosen as the school drama captain at Geelong Grammar School in Year 12. Since then she has participated in productions such as “Chicago” (Mona); “Motor-mouth and Suck-face: An Apocalyptic Love Story” (Sarah); “Sense and Sensibility” (Margaret Dashwood); “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Hermia), and more during her time at Geelong Grammar School. After graduation she went on to work as a show character in Hong Kong Disneyland for almost two years.




Jaylee Waters

Jaylee Waters headshot2

Growing up in Mount Gambier, South Australia, Jaylee Waters has been dancing since she was four, training in Jazz, Ballet and Tap at MJ Dance Studio, as well as having private singing lessons. After completing High School, she moved to Ballarat, Victoria and began her Bachelor of Arts (Music Theatre) degree at the Arts Academy. While at the Arts Academy Jaylee performed in: the original workshop production of “Motor-Mouth Loves Suck-Face: An Apocalyptic Musical” (Penelope Tupper), “The Pajama Game” (Dance Captain/Ensemble), “The Addams Family” (Marie Antoinette/Featured Dancer) and “Into the Woods” (Rapunzel). Jaylee has also worked in collaboration with La Mama Mobile Theatre, performing in the original short play, “Confide”.

Jaylee is a 2016 Music Theatre Graduate from Federation University’s Arts Academy.

Jean Judith Xavier


Jean Judith Javier is a singer, musical theatre performer and a film actor, who is unstoppable in bringing her heart to her audience, she draws courage from them. As a soprano, Jean Judith sings for opera and musical theatre but never limits her capacity by performing pieces from world arts songs. As a film actor, her roles are unconventional that manifest her embodied inner strength but mystical persona.                                                           

She learns how to sing at an early age of nine performing in the church and villages. Coming from a humble beginning, Jean Judith captures the skill of fine singing from her mother and her sensitivity for arts was nurtured by being deeply connected to the expressive musical cultures of the Philippines, her motherland.

Her tenacity to work as a full-time actor and the faith she puts to her craft gave her opportunities to perform in cities and provinces in the Philippines and South and East Asian countries like Korea, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan and various cities in China. She assumed self-title roles from many original musicales that have had impacted the history of Philippine contemporary theatre.

In opera, she played Sisa for “Noli Me Tangere: The Opera”, a difficult role. But her portrayal of the most iconic Philippine fictive character and deranged woman captures her audience giving her standing ovations and critical acclaim from critics. She offers passionate command of stage performance with her depiction of Gulnara for “Orosman at Zafira” where she earned admiration from theatre aficionados and from her audience:

Noli Me Tangere: The Opera: Unquestionably the high point of the rather meandering De Leon-Tolentino opera, Javiers renditionwas a mesmerizing piece of theater, a rapturous 11-oclock numberthat stands as the years most thrilling moment on the musical stage.

And in the famous ariasoprano Jean Judith Javier was spellbinding, and deservedly received the loudest applause at curtain call.

Jean Judith Javier as Sisa was nothing short of phenomenal...but more so by the passionate aria that half the time featured Javier imitating birdsong with her voice in pitch perfect precision.

Jean Judith Javier (Gulnara) ably and swiftly shifted from wife to mistress, mother and slave, to woman warrior, with nary a questionable act, not one moment of uncertainty in her voice or actions...Javier taking on the higher registers when singing with the chorus. She did it flawlessly, too.

Jean Judith's sheer talent allowed her to work in almost all major theatre companies in her native country gaining admiration from Philippines most respected and outstanding theatre directors.

This woman of inspiration, integrity and excellence with uncompromising spirit of an artist hopes to bring her singing voice and acting craft as an oblation for world's cultural and social transformation.

Jessica Loeb


Jessica Loeb is a Sydney-based singer, actor, dancer and writer whose Filipino heritage helped her become the singer and performer that she is today. She has had a passion for the performing arts since she was a young child, commencing jazz dance and singing lessons at the age of 8. A self-proclaimed comedian, she also enjoys writing comedic cabarets and scripts.

Jessica has graduated from the Australian Institute of Music with a bachelor of Music majoring in Musical Theatre and was cast as one of the leads in AIM’s 2016 production of “Urinetown” as Little Sally.

Jessica is continuously finding ways to improve her craft and establish herself in the Australian music theatre industry as well as film and television.

Jessica Trueman


Jessica Trueman is most known for her work in award-winning shorts “A Bold Choice”, “My Name is Richard” as well as “Beneath the Eye” (2019), “Consume” (2019) and “Ella” (2020), which screened at Flickerfest.

In 2022 Jessica made her directorial debut in “A Bold Choice” (released in August 2022), and won the Best Open Actor award for her portrayal of protagonist Alice. In late 2022 this was shown on SBS as a part of their favourite films from the festival, and also shown on the Aurora Channel in March 2023 as a part of their Focus on Ability Festival program.

She has trained at NIDA, Screenwise, Sydney Actors Collective and AAFTA, and completed a bachelor’s degree in Communication (Media Arts and Production) at UTS. She graduated in April 2020.

Jessica is Neurodivergent and is motivated to use her platform and talents to bring nuanced depictions of Neurodiversity to the stage and screen.

Jina Lim


Korean-born, Jina Lim is based in Sydney and can speak English and Korean fluently. She is an actor, social media influencer, commercial and fashion model who has worked several companies including Microsoft, Manicare and Nikon Lensewear. She has more than three years’ experience in artistic nude and photographic modelling. 

Jina is confident, hard-working and brings a positive, audacious attitude to all aspects of her life. Her personable, down-to-earth and professional ethic makes her a joy to work with on set, believing in credible long-term relationships that sustain in mutually beneficial ways.

Jina enjoys water-based activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling and beach swimming. She is similarly passionate and balanced about healthy living, fitness, travel and beauty. She prides herself on staying in shape—mentally, spiritually and physically.

Jip Panosot


Jip Panosot is a self-proclaimed lover of life in entertainment or to be more specifically—a perfect, diamond,self-assured expression of life and its value across acting, presenting, modelling, music or even martial arts. Even more so she is ever eager to explore and expand her potential and its continual reaffirmations in the eclectic and transparent variety of the characters that she plays.

After spending much of her childhood in USA since the age of six, Jip unsurprisingly slipped into a natural accent. She traveled the world to pick up some of the languages including German, French and Portuguese as well as kicking arse and taking names in all tremendous manners of fighting such as Silat, Savate, Taekwondo, Kali and Muay Thai to name a few.

She eventually settled down in Australia right at the turn of the millennium. Action acting is a passion—the ultimate poster child of combat and performing arts. The former has placed Jip in exceptional steed for lethal fight choreography and film stunts including competency in swords(wo)manship.

Meanwhile, she has a more artistic or ‘softer side’. From horse riding and fire twirling pursuits and intuitive grasp of Thai instruments such as a xylophone, flute and dulcimer to traditional classical dance, Eurythmy and capoeira, Jip is a welcome presence on stage that can incorporate two or more disparate elements together into one engrossingly paradoxical performance—as long as you remember who will always win in a fight!

Being an insanely motivated and quick learner, Jip often seeks diversely dynamic and experimental challenges all in the name of exciting adventures and endless possibilities ahead.


Joanne Chang

Joanne Chang HS

Joanne Chang is a professional pharmacist in Australia and Hong Kong. She accidentally discovered her ‘creative bug’ in Hong Kong. Answering to a random Facebook post, she was cast as a plus size model for a China Mobile commercial in 2017. Having loved her time on set, she decided to pursue something further in the entertainment industry.

Returning to Australia, Joanne has been cast on a few short films, featured in commercials, and participated in the reality television show “First Dates”.  She has worked on various blockbuster films as a background artist. In addition to her training with Screenwise in screen acting, she is skilled in Chinese Kung Fu as well as hip-hop and contemporary dancing. She also speaks three languages.

Joanne is a passionate actress. As an Australian with Chinese ethnicity, she is excited that more diverse stories are being portrayed on screen and would like to be part of this movement.

Joanne Liang


Joanne is a 2015 graduate of ACTT (Actors College of Theatre and Television). Whilst at ACTT she performed in “Coriolanus”, as Brutus directed by Sean O’Riordan; Joan in “Breezeblock Park”, Lizzie in “Wolf Lullaby”; and one of the demeaning cheerleaders Danielle in “SLUT: The Play” at Belvoir St Theatre, directed by Maeliosa Stafford.

Joanne loves to explore the topics that deal with issues of the society, morality, human psychology and philosophy with different forms of art. She has a strong belief in the ability of theatre and performance in affecting people through the use of storytelling to allow audience to have deep thoughts and opinion upon the topics and issues.

Joanne also has had experience in working as TV Presenter at the Sydney branch of the biggest Cantonese TV channel TVB, making herself well known to the Chinese demographic.

Apart from having a great passion in acting and performing, Joanne also loves to draw and paint in different forms of techniques.


Joe Le

Joe LeHS2021

Joe Le is a Vietnamese-Australian actor who has been featured in the award-winning feature drama “The Finished People” (2003). The feature film debut was awarded the IF Independent Spirit Award and nominated for Best Screenplay, for which he was credited. He was also featured in feel-good drama “Footy Legends” (2006), “Missing Waters” (2009), Academy Award nominee David Bradbury's documentary “The Crater: A True Vietnam War Story” (2015), “Battle of Long Tan” (2006), “Change of Our Lives” (2013), “Home and Away”, “Hidden Peaks” (2018) and “Maximum Choppage” (2015).

Joe is a Telecomunications Rigger/Dogman by trade, in addition to being a screen action actor. His martial arts training includes brown belt in GoShin Ryu karate, Dragon Style kung-fu, boxing, kickboxing and gym training. He studied Diploma in Sound and Audio Engineering at JMC Academy in 2012, where he debuted as a song writer in “Dragon Love”.

In his spare time, Joe volunteers for the State Emergency Service/NSW SES as a Field Operator in Western Sydney.

Jonathan Goerlach


Visually and hearing impaired Paratriathlete Jonathan Goerlach, suffers from Usher Syndrome Type II, meaning he has moderate hearing loss, no peripheral vision, is night-blind and has only tunnel vision. But having discovered a passion for Paratriathlon, he’s also discovered a passion for winning. And with the Paralympics firmly in his sights, he’s working hard to get there, one race at a time.

About Jonathan

It’s not often you come across a combination of raw talent, steadfast focus and sheer determination, but in Jonathan Goerlach, you’ll find this and more. As a relative newcomer to the sport of Paratriathlon, it’s hard to decide what’s more inspiring – his achievements with his disability or the fact he’s made such incredible progress as a paratriathlete in such a short time. It’s probably a bit of both.

Jonathan’s Story

Raised in Nowra, Southern NSW, Jonathan Goerlach was diagnosed with hearing loss when he was three and has been wearing hearing aids since. Fiercely passionate about sport, even as a youth, for Jonathan it was a case of which sport he would focus on as he excelled at whatever he tried.

However after years of bumping into things and brush-offs from optometrists, at 15, Jonathan was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome Type II – a hearing and degenerative visual impairment.  Having lived for sports, the first thing he asked was, “Will I still be able to play sport?”  Jonathan remembers the look on his Mum’s face. The car ride home was the only time he cried about it. Jonathan gave up sports completely as his eyesight started to deteriorate. If he couldn’t do it well, he wouldn’t do it at all.

Battling the loss of his sight, depression and the reality of life with his disability, Jonathan spiraled downwards, until, knowing he needed to take control of his life with a disability, he headed overseas for a fresh start.

While working in Amsterdam as a Sports Massage Therapist, he worked with many clients who were runners. Hearing their stories inspired Jonathan to pull on his running shoes again and to start to train seriously with a running squad.

Life changed for Jonathan with the announcement that Paratriathlon had been accepted into the 2016 Rio Paralympics. Having always been interested in Triathlon, he realised this was his sport.

And it’s now become his life.

Returning to Australia in 2012, Jonathan was noticed by the Australian Paralympic Committee and Triathlon Australia. Understandably so, as currently Jonathan is one of the fastest runners in the world in his class. Incredibly after only a short time involved in Paratriathlon, and having competed only one race, Jonathan was selected for the World Champs in 2012, which he competed in and came 5th, only 2 minutes behind the winner.

His journey had started.


Jonathan competes in the very competitive PTVI Visually Impaired category in Paratriathlon. He trains under the guidance of his coach Luke Whitmore, who also doubles as Jonathan’s racing guide. Jonathan is also studying at University of Canberra in a Bachelor of Sports Management.

Jonathan has been selected as a member of Triathlon Australia’s High Performance team, and in 2017 successfully defended his title at the Australia and Oceania Paratriathlon Championships. He has a heavy schedule of local and international races planned for 2017 including ITU World Series races. Jonathan has gathered the right people and resources around him to help him work towards his goal, race by race.

“When I was first diagnosed, my family were thinking “what now?” But for many parents of disabled children, I am the “what now?” I’m what their child can be too.”

 Jonathan is a regular speaker at events and is proud that he can make a difference and inspire others, particularly disabled youth.

Jonathan’s message is not so much about his disability, but rather his ability that he’s found as a result of his disability. He can and he is.  And that’s something that everyone needs to hear and see, not just those with a disability.

“Whether you have an ability, a disability, or both, the power of sport can change lives.  It’s changed mine.”

Jorja Buckingham

JorjaBuckinghamHS2023 1

Born into a dance school, Jorja Buckingham’s stage debut was at 18 months old following an early retirement at age 3. Luckily, she gave that some more thought down the track! 

Jorja trained in Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Singing in Newcastle before moving to Sydney. There she fulfilled her contract with “Sydney Showboats” in 2015 and hasn't looked back since. She is a triple-threat and also has fallen into the role of Show Host and Compère. In 2019, her contract involved two of her favourite things combined: kids + Christmas in the “Candy Canes” Christmas show. Other credits included performing for “Wet’n’Wild Sydney”, “Circus Krone”, “The Masked Singer Australia” and “Finding Fairyland – Musical High Tea”. 

Jorja also does Fit Modelling for Iconic Talent. She enjoys the opportunity to work on television and film sets as much as her job as a Registered Nurse, who might be prone to dancing her way down the corridors!

Joseph J.U. Taylor


Joseph J.U. Taylor’s life could be an adventure movie. He spent over 25 years as a Marine Biologist in some of the most amazing and remote islands of Indonesia learning the cultures and language before marrying a warrior princess in Bali. And then he changed tack, sailing to Australia to launch a career in film.

After 7 years living on the boat and making movies, Joseph returned to Bali with only one thing on his mind: to tell stories that matter. His recent acting work includes the international feature “Lost in Paradise: Luchsinger and the Gods”, the award-winning feature "The Mumbai Siege: 4 Days of Terror", ITV’s “The Singapore Grip”, Beyond’s “Deadly Women”, Seven Network’s “Home and Away” and HBO’s “Strike Back” as well as web series and stage shows.

As a founding partner of Seeding Time Pictures, producing content under the mantra Stories That Matter, Joseph wrote and produced the short form documentary "3000Hands". He was Unit Producer and Director during filming of Tina Arena’s "Reset Tour" in Australia (2016), Story Consultant for the feature documentary "Power of Pearl (2018) and wrote, acted in and produced "Dark Waters" (2018) for ABC TV and iView.

Joseph’s pilot script for the TV series "Bali Sutra" was a winner of the HOOQ (parent company SONY) Filmmakers Guild screenwriting program.

Joseph is one of only a handful of registered foreign Film Directors in Indonesia and directed, wrote, and produced the television pilot “Promoter in Paradise”.

Jrisi Jusakos

Jrisi Jusakos Head Shot 2013

Jrisi Jusakos is one of Australia’s most recognised and influential oriental dance artists. With extensive experience in cross cultural and traditional dance forms, she has carved out a unique style that is both captivating and recognisable. She is the artistic director and creator of Hathor Dance Theatre, a sought-after master teacher, performer, producer, choreographer and international sponsor.

Separating her from other performers, Jrisi is also one of the only professional oriental dancers in Australia to hold a Bachelor of Dance from UWS, majoring in choreography. She trained extensively in Western dance styles like contemporary, jazz and ballet, fusing this experience with Oriental, Flamenco, Latin and Classical Indian movement styles, which makes her one of the most experienced and sought-after artists on offer. She’s an award-winning dancer receiving 3 choreographic dance commissions in Contemporary/Oriental Fusion works.

Jrisi’s belly dance career spans 25 years; in that time she has flown around the world developing, training and researching the dance with master teachers. She is one of Australia’s first belly dance artists to obtain an Australian Council for the Arts dance grant for professional development in both Oriental and Western Dance forms in USA, Egypt, Lebanon and Germany. Her primary mentors throughout many years have been Dr Mo Geddawi, Mahmoud Reda, Mdme Raqia Hassan and Yousry Sharif.

Most recently Jrisi has invested in international sponsorship to bring master teachers to Australian. Giving opportunities for Australian dancers to further develop and experience different techniques and performance skills. She has sponsored international guests such as Jillina, Bozenka, Tamlyn Dalala, Hadia, Kaeshi Chai.

She has also produced ground breaking International Bellydance Theatre shows such as Bellydance Evolution’s “Dark Side of the Crown” and Bellyqueen’s “Journey Along the Silk Road” (Sydney Tour). This adds up to 25 theatre shows that she has produced since 2001.

Adding to her range of experience Jrisi had the opportunity to work closely with talented Arabic Musicians for the last 15 years and has produced 3 training DVDs which feature original compositions and have sold worldwide. She has taught in Singapore and toured 3 cities in Japan for workshops and performances.

As a versatile dancer, Jrisi is invited as featured artists in 3 live music ensembles such as Davood Trabizi and the Far Seas, Flamenco Red and Masha’s Legacy which have composed an original piece written especially for her, titled “Safe Haven”

Jrisi is a passionate instructor and performer who has devoted her life to the art of Oriental dance and hopes to continue to raise the profile of this beautiful art with mainstream audiences.

Judith Zhu


Judith Zhu was a typical broke university student when she decided on a whim to apply for a casting call on an ABC drama. Being her first experience on a television set, she did not know what to expect. However, she loved the feel of being on set and being a part of a project where everyone’s contribution makes a whole. She has since been cast in a number of other television dramas, commercials and promotional work.

New Zealand-born and Australian-raised with Chinese heritage, Judith appreciates the importance of diversity in the industry and continues to advocate for visibility for diverse talent. 

As an early career artist who wants to focus on TV, film and modelling, Judith is a hard-worker who is willing to try new things and discover where her strengths lie.

Outside of the industry, Judith is a final year law student at the Australian National University and competes in Taekwondo, kickboxing and soccer. She is passionate about giving back to the community and has volunteered for numerous community legal centres.

Jun Manuel Tuason

jun manuel tuason B WJun Manuel Tuason is an accomplished Filipino performer, producer and director on account of his many theatrical appearances in highly acclaimed shows and relevant charitable works.

He was involved in a number of productions worldwide: “Miss Saigon” on Germany and North America tours (Engineer u/s, Club Owner); “Aida” (Zoser / Pharaoh u/s); “The King and I” (Lun Tha), “West Side Story” (Bernardo, Pasadena Pops Orchestra); “Imelda” (Guest Artist, Workshop, East West Players; Los Angeles Opera (Actor); “Nagraland” (Prince Anshah) Japan Hongkong, Singapore. Prior to these stints, he had the privilege of working with Singapore’s renowned composer, singer and music producer Dick Lee and Hong Kong’s pop music sensation Sandy Lam. Jun’s involvement in all these is an affirmation of his enormous professional experience as a performer, joining the roster of highly esteemed Filipino musical theatre actors to date.

He is also recognised among Philippines’ contemporary Christian luminaries. He was a featured solo artist on Pat Robertson’s million-dollar project dubbed “The Answer” campaign (CBN Asia) as well as at a Christian Businessmen Convention in Germany, among others.

He has proven himself to be not only an ardent and conscientious theater performer but also a key figure in supporting worthy causes internationally. He produced and directed “The Reason We Sing” in Germany to benefit impoverished children in Asia and Africa and put together a segment in one of the “AIDS-Hilfe” benefit concerts in Suttgart, Germany featuring the Stuttgart Ballet. On August 29, 2011, Jun reprised his sold-out The Reason We Sing Concert at the Ebell Theater in Hollywood showcasing some of the finest Filipino performing artists in America (raising funds to help the evangelical churches in the remote areas in Cam Sur, Philippines).

Jun also taught performance art alongside Miss Saigon Alumni at Vivace Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles – a school for aspiring young musical theater actors in the Asian-American community. He was a featured dancer/actor on Showtime’s “Resurrection Boulevard” and played one of the monks in Adam Sandler’s movie “Anger Management”. He is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild and the Actor’s Equity Association.

During his time in Sydney, Australia he was a valued student at Hillsong Leadership College under TV and Media Stream. 

Justice Jones


Justice Jones is stage and screen performer of Eurasian/Middle Eastern heritage. With an opera singer for a grandmother and a grandfather who was a well-known Filipino musician and actor, the entertainment industry was an obvious path for her to take. With a strong work ethic, unwavering commitment and passion for performing, her dreams are to act in a feature film and sing on The Metropolitan Opera stage. 

Justice is equally passionate about writing, photography and styling—she has interned and contributed to leading Australian publications such as Cosmopolitan, Belle, IMG House Media, Girlfriend Magazine and All My Friends Are Models. In her HSC exams she was an NSW distinguished achiever in Music 2, Music EXT, English ADV and Drama. 

Justice began training as a classical singer from a young age and continues to do so in her BMUS majoring in Vocal performance from the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Growing up she was a regular performer with Opera Australia in various child roles as well as winning countless eisteddfods, and completing both her singing and musicianship AMEB exams. 

Justice has performed as a soloist in many prestigious venues such as The Opera House, Angel Place, The Domain and Sydney Town Hall and has been involved in both semi-professional and professional musical theatre productions. Her favourite roles to date have been Maria in “West Side Story”; Tuptim in “The King and I” and Hodell in “Fiddler on The Roof”. 

Justice has had masterclasses with respected industry teachers such as Arax Mansourian, Narelle Yeo, Marie Ryan, Rowena Cowley, Anke Hoeppner-Ryan and Barry Ryan. As well as her passion for opera and theatre, Justice has also trained in screen performance at The Actor’s Pulse Sydney where she had won a scholarship for. She has been coached at Screenwise and NIDA’s open program. She also has enrolled in acting masterclasses for TAFTA, The Actor’s Hub, Mcdonald College of Performing Arts and The Audition Room respectively.

Justice has done commercial print work for Girlfriend Magazine, Neutrogena Skincare and modelled for marketing campaigns and national commercials. She interned at and was mentored by the team at The Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP). 

Justice is known to be easy to direct, reliable and prepared, she is open to travelling for work. 

Kane Davies


Kane Davies is a multi-faceted and -layered actor and singer/songwriter who’s known for productions such as “Fury”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “60 Minutes” and many more.

Currently holding an Advanced Diploma of Screen and Theatre (Acting), Kane has trained internationally at other institutions and has many years of experience in the industry.

Kane’s career highlights have been as scholarship recipient of the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts; as licenced children’s entertainer for birthday parties and as part of a charity organisation Gen3M, which supports disadvantaged kids.

Website: https://kanedavies483.wixsite.com/website

Karim Zreika


Early in his career, Karim Zreika captured the attention of notable theatre critic and blogger Kevin Jackson. He elevated that the fast-talking lead’s ‘twinkle-eyed, twinkle-toed magnetism’ in The Voices Project production showed charismatic potential, only paralleled by his rough-hewn observatory vignettes for ‘gritty, everyday reality’.

Arguably one of the standouts in an AYTP (Australian Theatre for Young People) monologue, Karim philosophises the themes of belonging, identity and place in a refreshing, cheerful and energetic fashion: a paradoxical muddle of urbaneness and panache. In addition to his apparent passion for theatre and the screen, he is a dedicated musician whose skills in piano such as his signature “River Flows in You” are met with aplomb and technical deftness.

Since starting ICACM, Karim was introduced to the exciting industry starting with an Egyptian swashbuckling mystical fantasy adventure feature film “Gods of Egypt” in 2014. He was honoured to work with Hollywood and local mainstays Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush and director Alex Proyas respectively. That same year, he was co-lead in Curiousworks’ “Riz” set in Cabramatta. In 2015, he was cast as Bilal Folouk in the SBS four-part drama miniseries “The Principal” about the lives of difficult and troubled students in Sydney’s south-west, working closely with Alex Dimitriades.

Karim was next seen in the medical drama “Pulse” (2017); respective crime biographies “Deadly Women” (2017) and “Australian Gangster” (2018) and a small role in Stan’s high school drama “Year Of” (2023). For film, he was in the sci-fi action adventure feature film “Pacific Rim 2: Uprising” (2017) and drama feature film “Hearts and Bones” (2019), starring Hugo Weaving.

Kate Hood

Kate Hood Headshot Colour 2016

Kate Hood has had a full career as an able-bodied actor, writer and director, which lasted for over 20 years. She has performed in everything from classics to musicals, working for major theatres (Melbourne Theatre Company, State Theatre Company Adelaide, Hit Productions)and commercial production companies(Gordon Frost, Everyday Productions). Some of her credits include “Pygmalion”, “BigRiver”, “Buddy”and “Hotel Sorrento”. Her film and television credits include “Prisoner”, “Dancingin the Dust”, “The Flood”and “Blue Heelers”and she has worked as the main promotional voice-over artist for the ABC. She has directed for Melbourne Fringe, the Brisbane Festival, Opera Plus and Jane O'Toole Productions.

As a wheelchair user, Kate reinvented herself as a disabled actor, has worked extensively as a voiceover artist, working commercially and winning awards for her audio book narrations forBolinda Publications. She now writes and performs her own work, which includes monologue, short story and spoken word. Some examples are “Queen Esme of Collingwood”, “Growl, Motor Neurone” and “The Girl with the Blue Hair”.  She collaborates with others as director, mentor and dramaturge (Quippings, Theatre on Wheels) and has become a strong advocate for actors with a disability, sitting on the board of Arts Access Victoria and Actors Equity's Diversity Committee as Deputy Chair.

Kate has been awarded a mentorship with Writers Victoria to work on her play“Ruthie”. Her most recent credits include Quippings: “Freaktastic Fringe” as part of Melbourne Fringe 2014, Newstead’s “Short Story Tattoo”, Quippings: “Hares and Hyenas”and a spoken word performance for the Words in Winter Festival.She is working on her show“That's Why the Lady Needs a Ramp”.

In 2015 the Australia Council funded Kate to participate in the Jo Verrent Sync Leadership Intensive, which is a course from UK disability/arts company No Limits. It is designed to find and train potential leaders within the Disability Arts sector in Australia.

In 2016 Kate formed the production company Raspberry Ripple Productions, and plans to collaborate with disabled and non-disabled performers to create work which dissolves the divide between the mainstream and disability arts sectors. Raspberry Ripple’s first production of “Enunciations” was supported by the City of Yarra, Arts Access Victoria and Footscray Community Arts Centre, and was an in-house production at FCAC in August 2016.

Kate is excited at the possibilities opening up in her new career as a disabled artist and creative leader, and feels that her years of experience as an actor, writer, director and advocate will serve her well in her new direction as Artistic Director of Raspberry Ripple.

Website: www.katehood.net

Kate Wooden



Kate Wooden is an emerging Sydney-based actor who also dabbles in both writing and directing. At the age of eight (when her grandma became an actress herself), she was thrust into local theatre unknowingly. This bound her to the long life of an artist’s, when she fell in love with the ability in theatre to flip the perspective of an audience, to grow empathy and allow them to introspectively reflect on their own life and place in society.

In 2021, alongside performing, Kate is commencing a Bachelor of Arts at Sydney University majoring in Anthropology and Comparative Literature. In 2019, she graduated from the Hunter School of Performing Arts, where she received training in a range of dramatic forms and approaches to acting including Commedia Dell'arte, Shakespearean, Verbatim, Lecoq, Physical Theatre and Realism.

Alongside theatrical training, Kate received tuition in acting for film at Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg, where she learnt how to approach a character by aiming to subvert the audience’s assumed idea of them as well as to play with the character’s vulnerability, traits or physicality in order to break down all premeditated ideas and convey the shared nature that all of humanity embodies.

Portfolio: https://vimeo.com/showcase/8737623

Katherine Grace


Katherine Grace is a skilled emerging actor and filmmaker based in Sydney. Well versed in film history and consistently working on her craft, she has studied acting and screenwriting and is self-taught in other mediums. She thrives playing characters with mystery and spirit and has a passion for telling unique, ‘what-if’ stories.

From roles in multiple AFTRS & indie films and more, to writing and producing her own work, her passion for this life is palpable. She has co- produced two short films in 2023 alone, one micro-budget dark comedy "The Date" and one vintage-inspired domestic psychological horror completed in 2024 "Alison & Betty", which she directed, wrote, and acted in.


Kathleen Wesley


Based in Melbourne, Kathleen Wesley is a tall red-haired Australian actress, who is diminutive in size but explosive in passion. She is devoted to the performance of art and always looking for new opportunities to improve her skills.

Kathleen has trained at top acting schools such as NIDA, Charles Sturt University, TAFT across Australia, Canada and America. She would describe her acting styles as ranging from Meisner to Alana Chubbuck. Kathleen works as a model as well presenter and public speaker. She has experience in all aspects of acting (print work, TV commercials, promo videos, short films and modelling-photographic, runway, and promotional work.

Kathleen is a quirky, intelligent and outgoing performer who loves to be in front of the camera portraying any number of characters. She believes that versatility and empathy are key skills involved when working as an actress.

Kathryn Niesche

KathrynNiesche Headshot2023

Kathryn Niesche’s childhood love of climbing trees, putting on neighbourhood plays—plus an inability to sit still—were the perfect prerequisites for a varied and still-evolving performing career. 12 years of dance training including RAD classical ballet, tap and jazz ballet was followed by an Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts at the Drama Centre at Flinders University, Adelaide. 

Since graduating, Kathryn has performed as an actor, dancer, aerialist, acrobat, magician and clown across numerous genres such as physical theatre, traditional and contemporary circus, dance theatre, theatre for young people, contemporary performance, puppetry, cabaret, burlesque, film, television and radio as well as large-scale and corporate events.

After 20 years of performing, Kathryn transitioned into teaching aerials and circus history at the National Institute of Circus Arts, Melbourne. However, after a while the desire to perform again proved too strong!

Kathryn is a Founding member of Club Swing (an aerial performance company), and Clowns Without Borders Australia.

Career highlights include taking her red-nosed clown character Mouse on tour with Clowns Without Borders Australia to Central Desert communities out of Alice Springs; performing as a Dandy Minion in Taylor Mac’s acclaimed “24 Decades History of Popular Music” for the 2017 Melbourne Festival, and in 2019 performing her 1st solo aerial act in 18 years in the Melba Spiegeltent for Batton & Broadway’s over 50’s circus “The Classics”. 

As an aerial trainer/aerial choreographer she has worked on two major projects in India: “Zangoora”—the longest running live music theatre production at the Kingdom of Dreams in Delhi—and on the movie “Dhoom 3” training Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif for their aerial work in the most expensive Bollywood song clip “Malang”.

Kathryn is committed to creating work that is positive, empowering and entertaining, and is always ready to accept a new performing challenge. While she is at home in the comedic vein with 2 alter-egos in Mouse (red-nosed clown) and in Monkey (who plays the Dutch Street organ), she would also relish the opportunity to play some darker roles.

Currently, Kathryn dances with Fine Lines, a contemporary dance company for mature bodies.

In her spare time, she enjoys furniture up-cycling and is also a keen gardener.


Katie Swan


Katie Swan graduated from Federation University’s Arts Academy with a Bachelor in Music Theatre, and has spent the last five years dreaming, creating, writing and performing as both a visual and performing artist.  Passionate about writing and supporting new Australian theatre, Katie is one half of composing duo: ‘Forrester & Swan’. Their songs have been showcased across Australia and their shows include “Join the Dots” (2015), A “New Summer” (2016), “Heart Songs” (2020), “Grown” (2021) and “Glitter and Be” (2021).  Their music is also featured in the AMEB Music Theatre syllabus. 

Since 2017, Katie has performed around Australia with her stage crush, Emma Dean, as a backing vocalist (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart—Festival of Voices, Edinburgh Fringe and Woodford Folk Festival).

Katie believes in individuality and creative freedom through every medium, impassioned to champion and teach young performing artists.  Her directorial credits include “John and Jen”, “April’s Fool” and “The Laramie Project”.

Katie works as a singing and acting teacher in her private studio and through Fame Theatre Company. She is currently completing her Ma. Music at the QLD Conservatorium of Music.

Kelly Huynh

Kelly Huynh Headshot

Kelly Huynh is a passionate and hardworking actor. In addition to speaking five languages she commands immense dedication to her craft, with a particular gravitation towards drama and comedy. She not only takes direction well, she also runs further and faster with it, exhibiting a very mature amount of confidence in all her roles. She revels in complicated challenges, possessing excellent intuition for providing realistic and compelling performances. 

Growing up in an Asian household where a corporate career was the equivalent to the pinnacle of life success, she broke the mold, instead focusing on achieving her artistic endeavours. This was the only way that she can truly be herself. While an early artist, Kelly performance in the 2015 Australian Theatre for Youth People monologue project “Between Us” has already garnered glowing reviews (quoted in more detail below). 

Kelly trained under Billy Milionis in the Meisner technique and accomplished screen acting with Nadia Townsend at Actors Centre Australia. She complements this perspective with her self-defence training in Krav Maga as well as qualifications in government investigations and a bachelor’s degree in public relations and advertising so so she understands the art of self-promotion and visceral display, such as modeling for Ms. Clover Fashion and throwing fights in “Maximum Choppage” (2014).

As is often the catch cry in this profession, Kelly loves to entertain others and wants nothing more than to witness people becoming affected by truthful acting. Indeed, she shows very promising growth and will go far than anyone would have expected of her, including unreserved relocation to where the best opportunities are.

Kendly Hawkins

Kendly 230121 3

Kendly George Solomon Hawkins is an extremely confident, strong athletic boy with a sharp wit and fantastic, inquisitive personality. Born in Buenaventura, Colombia, he is of Afro-Colombian descent and is an Australian citizen.

Kennedy Lee


Kennedy Lee was born in Randwick, Sydney but moved to China a year later and was there for five years. From a very early age he knew that he always wanted to entertain people, whether in film, dancing or any sort of performance. Although he was captivated by cinema on weekends and television on a daily basis, he soon realised that Asian characters and stories were scant, so his desire for wanting to represent his ethnic identity on screen in front of the public was born.

Most of all, Kennedy simply wanted to tell stories that could genuine evoke people to laugh, cry, think, explore and inspire, the same way he himself was as a child.

Having been practically raised in a Chinese restaurant, Kennedy learnt quickly how to not only be a hard and disciplined worker while rewarding consistency and positivity, but also share it with others. His motto is that attitude, sacrifice and ability are key pathways to smart success. He is a valuable, punctual and enthusiastic team member, flexible to adapt to the demands of the set and creative output as well as providing unwavering support to production where needed.

Kennedy ran the gamut behind the scenes on short films, music videos, web series as actor, PA, AC, best boy and gaffer respectively. It taught him the thrust of filmmaking in technical strokes but he soon discovered his passion laid in being front of the camera.

In July 2017 Kennedy decided to join The Actors Pulse, subsequently kickstarting his journey of developing his acting skills. He has been specialising in Meisner and continues to push himself every day. Eventually he hopes to direct as well.

Kiara Skye Nickson


Kiara Skye Nickson is a graduate of the National Theatre Drama School, where she received the W.P Carr award in 2020 for excellence and potential. 

Kiara has acted in works such as the immersive play “Mysteries” at Testing Grounds directed by Harry Haynes; “HONEY” directed by Katie Cawthorne and performed consecutively as Lisa in the original musical theatre work “Cafe Cantata” written and directed by Mark Penzak. 

She has attended institutions including; the Ministry of Dance and Transit Dance and holds her CERT IV in Dance and Dance Teaching & Management.

Kieran Rodriguez

Kieran RodriguezHS2020

Kieran Rodriguez is an enthusiastic and passionate performer whose practice in dancing, singing and acting started at age ten. Driven by his love of musical theatre, he continued this practice throughout high school, before being given the opportunity to study Bachelor of Musical Theatre at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, from which he graduated at the end of 2016. He was featured in many different performances during this period, as well as a segment host for the Channel 10 program “Totally Wild”.

Kieran enjoys expanding his performance abilities, and hopes to continue doing so.